A message was leaked in which Dani Alves offered to return to Barcelona when Bartomeu was president: “Let’s put our pride aside”

Dani Alves and a revelation of 2019 (REUTERS / Albert Gea)
Dani Alves and a revelation of 2019 (REUTERS / Albert Gea)

One of the hardest blows suffered by the Barcelona on a court in recent years was the 4-0 win against Liverpool in Anfield for the rematch of the Champions League semifinals. The team led then by Ernesto Valverde traveled to England to defend a difference of three goals in favor, but did not know how to hold the cast of Jürgen Klopp. After this resounding fall, Dani Alves sent a direct message to former president Josep Maria Bartomeu to make their services available for the following season.

“Mr. President, everything okay? I want to go back there, I want to go home and I want to play the 2022 World Cup as a Barça player! Let’s put pride aside, we need each other and we know it! Greetings!”, was the message of the Brazilian who was pope blaugrana on May 19, 2019 (12 days after 0-4), as revealed by the media Culemania.

The chat of WhatsApp that went viral also showed Bartomeu’s response:: “Hello Dani, to return, no problem, but the Barça technicians should be in agreement. Have you talked to Abidal? Tight hug. Barto”. Dani Alves replied “I can talk to you. if you want! ”, while the manager concluded:“ I inform Abi (by Eric Abidal, who was a sports director) and you are called ”.

The WhatsApp conversation between Dani Alves and Bartomeu (2019)
The WhatsApp conversation between Dani Alves and Bartomeu (2019)

The Spanish media pointed out that the leak of the conversation was the work of Bartomeu, after the 38-year-old soccer player declared in an interview for Alkass Channels (Qatar) that “I would not have accepted an offer from him, I left when he was president and there was no point in working with him again”. Far from rejecting that version, the Bahian endorsed it in a response on Twitter to the journalist Víctor Malo, who shared the capture of the WhatsApp: “For those who do matter with Barça, we do whatever it takes … but life knows what each one deserves. Sorry … Thanks “.

It is worth remembering that at the end of the 2015/2016 season, Alves left Barcelona for not reaching an agreement for the increase in his salary with the Board of Directors and ended up in the Juventus, where he militated a campaign before moving two to the Paris Saint Germain and two and a half years to Saint Paul.

Dani Alves' response to the journalist who broadcast his 2019 chat with Bartomeu
Dani Alves’ response to the journalist who broadcast his 2019 chat with Bartomeu

Abidal and Valverde, leaders of Barça’s football project at the time the Brazilian raised his hand to return to the club, lowered his thumb and the operation was frustrated. Now the situation was different: Dani Alves contacted Joan Laporta and his former partner Xavi Hernandez to find out if they intended to have him and he received the go-ahead.

Although he was officially unveiled, the player who won 23 titles with the Barcelona jersey (including 9 internationals) has not yet been signed as his signing was subject to the opening of the transfer market in January. He would sign until the end of the season, with the option to renew until June 2023. Until now, had his unofficial restraint in the Maradona Cup against Boca Juniors in Saudi Arabia.


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