A mod gives Cyberpunk 2077 the look of Borderlands


He cel shading It gives a very special and characteristic aspect to the games, whatever the genre, and it always represents an important change, whether it is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, or Borderlands. But what if through a mood we could now see Cyberpunk 2077 as if it were the latter? Ladies and gentlemen, with you, the mod that changes the look of the most famous game of the season and makes it look like a Borderlands. But without Claptrap, and we don’t like that so much anymore:

From the Slothability channel

Cyberpunk on PC seems to live a parallel reality, and that is that despite the criticisms of users for errors in the map, blunders in the behavior of the characters, strange physics and other bugs that have become more than famous, it has not turned out As disastrous as it is on PS4 and Xbox One, it is still being played and is a great breeding ground for modders.

We remind you that in a few days the first big patch to the title will arrive. Have you returned it?

Source: VG247

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