A New Version Of Cinderella With A Lot Of Big Changes Is Coming From Disney


A New Version Of Cinderella With A Lot Of Big Changes Is Coming From Disney:

Disney has been active making new versions of old movies and putting them out again. This includes, of course, their recent wave of live-action remakes, like the future movie Snow White. Now, though, Disney is giving Cinderella fans a brand-new version.

“For many years, Cinderella didn’t have the right color,” Goldberg says with a laugh. “Her hair is a light yellow color, as well as her dress was silver. We’ve seen her hair look such as Cheez Whiz over the years.

We have seen her wear bright blue clothes. We’ve seen a lot of different things. So when Michael Giaimo and I went in, the first thing we did was say, “Let’s receive that hair as well as dress right.”

Kevin Schaeffer Stated That Sometimes The Final Colors Were Not The Same As The Ones In The Beginning:

Kevin Schaeffer, who is in charge of repair at Walt Disney Studios, doesn’t know why the colors in earlier versions of Cinderella have become so messed up.

He says, though, that even though the people who restored it before had good goals, the colors sometimes changed from what they were before. It turned into a loop.

Fans will be happy to hear that this is not a new version of the original story. Instead, the Walt Disney Studios Restoration as well as Preservation Team has carefully restored the original 1950 cartoon short in 4K. Now, people can watch the movie with clearer images than ever before.

You Can Now Stream This Version On Disney’s Streaming Service:

Now, you can watch this version on Disney’s online service. It’s great to know that Disney nevertheless cares about their old animation movies, especially sufficient to have them fixed up and put back on the market. Even more so now, when a lot of fans seem to have different opinions about the new live-action versions.

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The team was able to get the original 1950 pictures of Disney’s Cinderella from the Library of Congress for this repair, though. They weren’t making copies of copies; instead, they went to the place where it all began.

Schaeffer says, “Eric brought in some pictures from the animation research library that said, ‘This is the hair color, and this is the mother’s dress.'”

“That really helped ourselves nail it down and bring it back to what it should be as well as what it was in the first place.”

The Vibrant Hues Of The Tiny Animal’s Clothes As Well As The Shapes Within The Dark Became The Main Focus:

The people on the repair team, who worked in both studio operations as well as the animation department, were keen to make sure that all the little details were the same.

Small things, like the vibrant hues of the tiny animals’ clothes as well as the shapes within the dark, stood out. Goldberg talks in detail about Gus-Gus the mouse’s shirt.

“In the past, it was kind of like mustard yellow. “But it’s really green,” he says. “We made it green again. For Goldberg as well as Giaimo, it proved very important for them to get back with what Mary Blair had in mind with every one of her great idea work.

Giaimo Was Great At Making The Dark Parts Of The Movie Work:

Goldberg says that Giaimo was great at collaborating on the dark parts of the movie and improving them “so that you noticed a dark next to another dark next to another dark, instead of it all kind of blending together into one flat dark.”

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He did this in more than one scene. That was really great. It gave you a real sense of depth as well as light, which is what the artist wanted.

Schaeffer says that Cinderella’s ride through town in the coach is one of the moments that stands out as a beautiful surprise.

Cinderella Can Now Be Seen In 4K:

As a component of World Princess Week 2023, the 4K recreation of “Cinderella” was shown for the first time today on Disney+.

There was also an animated Lego show on Disney+ and a party at Walt Disney World for Make-a-Wish families. The first people to see “Cinderella” in 4K were at the Berlin International Film Festival in February of last year.

Kevin Scaeffer, the head of restoration at Walt Disney Studios, told ABC that they started the process by getting the initial nitrate negative from the Library of Congress as well as scanning the successive exposure color records within 4K.

“Then we made a cleaning pass to get rid of as much dirt and debris as possible. With the tools we had at the time, we were able to make a clearer, better-quality picture than in the past.

Snow White As Well As The Seven Dwarfs Is Being Fixed Up By The Restoration As Well As Preservation Team Right Now:

“People who watch this restoration will experience greater clarity, but they will additionally observe more subtlety,” said Goldberg. They will see how colors change from shot to shot as well as how one color interacts with another.”

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Giaimo said that the team tried “to really celebrate the original intent as well as classic Disney aesthetic of those outstanding artists who worked alongside Walt, especially the great Mary Blair, as well as to get that right level of depth as well as saturation.”

The Walt Disney Studios Restoration as well as Preservation Team is additionally “currently engaged in a restoration of Snow White as well as the Seven Dwarfs.”

Fans May Purchase The Newly Fixed 4K Version Of Cinderella Upon 4K UHD Or Stream It On Disney Plus:

So, fans who aren’t happy with the future live-action version will at least have the chance enjoy the original movie in 4K.

Return to ScreenGeek for more news about Disney as it comes in. For now, fans may purchase the newly restored 4K copy of Cinderella upon 4K UHD or watch it on Disney Plus.

Let’s hope they keep this up and give fans great new versions of their other hits as well. Even more so now that Disney owns more books than ever before, thanks to some recent purchases, like the full Fox library. There are certainly a lot of options.