A parent’s emotional reaction to receiving a PS5 goes viral on TikTok


Getting a PlayStation 5 is still a difficult task, although there are those who have been able to make the perfect gift.

By Marcos Yasif / 75 reviews

PlayStation 5

It has not been easy to get hold of a PlayStation 5 this holiday season, but even so there are many who have been able to find the Sony console in stores to give it to their loved ones. This has been the case with the user of TikTok St. Laurent, who wanted to record his father’s reaction to receiving a PS5 at Christmas.

The result? Jump to the eye, a totally emotional video where St. Laurent’s father’s passion for videogames is evident. The document has been a success in the well-known social network, where it accumulates 4.7 million views, more than 660,000 likes and 6,500 comments at the time of writing the news.

First, St. Laurent hands over to his father a copy of NHL 22 for PS5, generating confusion in the gentleman, who soon passes to tears after seeing the huge box wrapped with Christmas motifs that he gives him.

This viral video reminds us again of the serious resupply problems of PlayStation 5, as well as other consoles on the market, currently in stores. These stock drawbacks aim to continue into the new year according to AMD, which is confident that for the second half of the year there will be improvement. Despite all this, 13.4 million consoles have already been distributed, and Sony has among its goals to sell about 22 million PS5s before spring.

EA Sports NHL 22 launched in stores for PlayStation and Xbox systems this past October, receiving less than positive reviews from the public on Metacritic.

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