A reboot of Harry Potter with a new cast of actors is in the plans of Warner Bros. according to latest rumors


According to new rumors, Warner Bros. is planning reboot the Harry Potter cinematic universe, which includes a change in the cast of actors. ScreenGeek has pointed out that the rumor comes from the user of Twitter called @wdwpro1.

“According to reports, WBD is looking for reboot the Harry Potter film franchiseincluding new players, in the next 3 to 5 years,” noted wdwpro.

As promised, wdwpro gave more details about this reboot in a new Valliant Renegade video, noting that this reboot will take time to arrive and giving more details rumored cast change: “That can also include recast some of the roles that have become iconic within the Harry Potter universe with the main actors and characters.”

Contrary to what one might think, these new films would not have to tell, again, the story of Harry Potter from the beginning, but instead could bring us a different interpretation of the original story.

“The way they’re going to reboot this franchise doesn’t have to be a standard reboot, where we go back to the origin of the character we’ve already had an affair with. There are many different ways in which they could do it..”

A reboot, for what?

And what is the reason that would lead Warner Bros. to restart a film franchise that has been a success with the public? It seems that everything is a matter of upgrade. Warner Bros. would be looking how to update the franchise to reach a younger audience.

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“They feel that maybe the original Harry Potter fandom is getting old and they want to revitalize or update itor do something to attract new audiences to theaters,” says wdwpro.

The cast of actors will change in the reboot.

They have invested too much in the franchise for it to become inactive or secondary. They want it to be a perennial property. And by that we mean that it’s sold all the time, that it’s always on the minds of consumers.”

You can check out Valliant Renegade’s video where he talks about all this below:

A month ago it was announced that Warner Bros. will focus on The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Is this restart really part of the company’s plans?