A resale of four PS5s ends with an alleged robbery at gunpoint in Canada


Speculation surrounding the new PlayStation 5 continues amid news of a shortage of stock in stores.

The lack of PS5 stock continues to fuel speculation around Sony’s next-gen hardware. In this sense, for a few months it has been a fairly common practice to find groups of people who take advantage of the new remittances in stores to get hold of several consoles that they then sell online at a price higher than that set by the Japanese company. Of course, sometimes the play can go wrong.

This has been the case of two individuals from Pickering, a city east of Toronto in Canada, who were the victims of an alleged assault at gunpoint when they were left with a possible buyer of four PlayStation 5 on the outskirts of a shopping center. According to the police in the region, there were two alleged thieves and they fled the scene in a Nissan Altima. At the moment, they have not been located.

Although some businesses have put ways to avoid its practice, speculation about PS5 and other products with a shortage of units in stores is the order of the day. On the other hand, the event serves the regional police to remind the importance of agree on safe exchange points, in public places, during daytime hours and always accompanied. “Do not accept partial payments or anything other than cash and do not deliver the item until you have the cash from the buyer.”

The lack of stock aims to remain during the first months of the year according to AMD, one of the main suppliers of the console. If you want to delve more into the subject of the shortage of consoles, in 3DJuegos we dedicated a few days ago a special about when you can buy a PS5 or Xbox Series without running after them.

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