A run that ended on the floor and defensive class against a young figure: Campazzo started again in Denver’s loss to Dallas


The best of Campazzo in Denver’s loss to Dallas

Facundo Campazzo was coming off his best night in the NBA ever since he made it to the best basketball league in the world. After the victory in Houston, the Denver Nuggets They could not repeat and had a bad game on their tour of the state of Texas: fell to the Dallas Mavericks 103-89.

Despite the defeat as visitors, the Argentine base started again in the Colorado franchise before the loss of Monte Morris, which continues within the health protocol for having tested positive for COVID-19. It was not a meeting with a high offensive production from Campazzo like the previous game, but it did contribute for a Nuggets who looked lackluster and accumulated 25 losses in the evening.

During the first half, the highlight for the man from Cordoba were his duels against Jalen Brunson, one of the young figures of the Mavericks. The 1.85-meter point guard, 25, took over the Texan team with the loss of Luka Doncic due to injury and has been averaging his best numbers in his third NBA season. Nevertheless, Campazzo made him suffer with his suffocating defense.

This was how in one of the first plays of the game, he generated a loss of number 13 of Dallas in a penetration to the rim. Something similar happened when he was averaging the second quarter at the American Airlines Center: Brunson had the ball in the upper half of the court when he caused an offensive foul from the Mavericks player. Moreover, in the next offensive action by the locals, thanks to another sticky mark from the Argentine, the young man lost the ball again when he tried to get rid of Facu and the ball bounced off his foot and left the court.

Campazzo against Doncic, an old duel between two former Real Madrid players (Photo by Tom Pennington / Getty Images)
Campazzo against Doncic, an old duel between two former Real Madrid players (Photo by Tom Pennington / Getty Images)

Already in the second half of the game a Campazzo was seen more focused on offense. He generated three plays of pick and roll con Nikola Jokic -two finished in doubles and the remaining one in a triple in front of the basket-, he scored his only triple in two attempts and also He starred in a run from coast to coast of the field that ended with a tray and the Cordoba on the floor after evidencing an alleged infringement in Doncic’s action.

Facundo played more than 32 minutes and finished the game with 8 points (2-4 in field goals), 5 assists, 5 rebounds, a block and 3 losses. That was the score that marked the game for Denver, as the team had 25 in total, the highest mark in almost four years in the NBA. What’s more, his poor 3-point effectiveness (6-25) was also a key factor in the loss.

In dallas the top scorer was Doncic, author of 21 points, 15 assists (He equaled his best mark so far this season) and 8 rebounds. The other one who contributed was Brunson, who despite Campazzo’s mark – he finished with 4-14 from the field – added 13 goals.

In the Nuggets, the scorer was Jokic. The chosen Serbian giant Most valuable Player in the NBA in the last season he converted 27 points and took 16 rebounds. Aaron Gordon with 15 points and Will Barton with 12 contributed for Colorado.

Campazzo finished with 8 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds (Photo by Tom Pennington / Getty Images)
Campazzo finished with 8 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds (Photo by Tom Pennington / Getty Images)

With this defeat, Denver has a record of 18 wins and 17 losses to remain in 5th place in the Western Conference, closely followed by Dallas 19-18) and both Los Angeles teams, as the Clippers and Lakers are 19-19 in the final playoff qualifying spots.

This Wednesday night (at 00 Argentine time, already Thursday), the Nuggets will play at home against the Utah Jazz, one of the teams with the best presence in the NBA.


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