A sequel to Batman: the animated series could be on its way to HBO

There is no official confirmation in this regard, but considering the sources of the information, it is clear that this is a fairly powerful leak.

One that tells us that HBO could be working on a new Batman animated series which, of course, would be the sequel to Batman: The Animated Series (original from 1992). It would be a series for HBO Max and is currently in the early stages of development.

The leak, which has been echoed by CBR, has come from Fatman Beyond co-hosts Marc Bernardin and Kevin Smith. Here’s what Bernardin had to say about it: “The rumor is that HBO Max is looking to make a sequel to Batman: The Animated Series.”. In itself it would be very little information, but pay attention to what Smith added:

“I do not know what you’re talking about [en tono de broma]. I am not involved, but I also heard this and heard it from very reliable people. When I heard it, I was scared and heard this … I’d say a month before you said it. I think that’s real, I don’t think it’s a rumor, it’s an idea whose time is not only coming, I think it has arrived. I think that will happen. How awesome would that be because you can literally pick up and move on. It’s not like, oh, we have to explain why everyone is older. “.

The Dynamic Duo made the jump to animation in 1968 thanks to Filmation's Batman cartoon. The series stuck pretty closely to the look and tone of DC's '60s-era Batman comics, though the crude animation quality resulted in a lot of unintentional humor. For instance, this frame shows Robin's

On the other hand, it would not be unreasonable for it to be an original HBO Max production, taking into account that the platform already has another similar project: the Harley Quinn animated series (although it initially started as a DC Universe project).

Speaking of the 1992 animated series (which lasted until 1995 with two seasons and 85 episodes), this was precisely the one that unveiled the character of Harley Quinn. In addition, it was a success for both critics and the public.

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