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A sexual proposal and thousands of followers: the unprecedented repercussions of the model who discussed with LeBron James

The tense crossing of LeBron James with Juliana Carlos

The duel between Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks from NBA it was the scene of a rare episode in the league. With fans beginning to return to the stadiums in reduced numbers and under strict controls due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 season activity restarted a few weeks ago and Lebron James, one of the top stars of American sports, crossed paths with a spectator.

The woman, Juliana Carlos, was expelled from State Farm Arena, along with her husband and two other people after the interdict with King James. Although it is not clear what was the trigger for such a confrontation, she explained on her social networks that the basketball player was provoking her husband, businessman Chris Carlos, and she could not bear the anger: “Did I get defensive? Yes. Did I use offensive language? Yes. And I assume my responsibility for it, “he explained on his Instagram account.

“About what happened … The situation escalated quickly and I want to apologize for losing my ways and taking off my mask in the heat of the world,” she wrote and added: “My husband is a big fan of sports and we are very passionate people as well. let’s be honest: sport wouldn’t be sport without a little trash-talk”.

Juliana Carlos added tens of thousands of followers in a couple of hours
Juliana Carlos added tens of thousands of followers in a couple of hours

The funny thing is that after the scene went viral, Juliana Carlos added more than 50 thousand followers on her networks in just hours and as if this were not enough, she received a sexual offer. “Considering that you are an Instagram model with only 45,000 followers (and growing), we would like to make you an offer to explain what happened to a global audience of millions of viewers on CamSoda,” the website wrote on its networks. To that, he added the specific offer: “Being a platform for webcams for adults, you can also show your ‘basketballs’ to the worldor. By appearing on CamSoda for an hour, with the possibility of a XXX show, we would compensate you with $ 50,000”.

The cross between the model and LeBron it did not become older, although she was forced to leave the premises. At the end of the game against Hawks, the Lakers player, commented: “There was an exchange between two grown men, he said his part, I said mine. And then another person intervened (Juliana Carlos) and said his thing. But I don’t think they should be expelled. ” Also, he joked: “She may have had a couple of drinks. Nothing happens. With fans in the stands he feels better ”.

King James he added 21 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists in the 38 minutes he had to be on the court for the Angelenos to take the 107-99 victory from Atlanta and keep fighting for the first place in the Western conference with their neighbors Clippers and the Utah Jazz. For Atlanta, their star Trae Young shone with 25 points and 16 assists and power forward John Collins had 22 points.


The tense crossing of LeBron James with two fans in the middle of an NBA game: the judges expelled the fans

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