A speedrunner breaks the world record in Minecraft, but a recording error could cost him the achievement


The streamer managed to finish the game in just under 10 minutes, but his feat does not appear in the official ranking.

We all have bad days, but we pray they don’t touch us for a speedrun important. This practice has left us with really short game times, as we have seen with the new record in Super Mario 64 or a more recent one in Pokémon Shimmering Pearl. This also affects titles like Minecraft, whose official ending occurs after beating the Enderdragon.

But today’s story is not epic, it could be considered somewhat sad. The streamer SmallAnt has broken the world record in Minecraft, achieving a mark of 9 minutes 31 seconds. However, during the process it was broadcasting the wrong screen, which was playing the movie at the time. The Quest 2: The Secret Diary. Therefore, most of the recording has nothing to do with the cubic world of Notch and shows a scene of Nicolas Cage in the film.

Although SmallAnt has exceeded the user mark Brentilda, who managed to finish the game in 9 minutes and 36 seconds, has yet to appear on the official leaderboard. Thus, it is quite possible that your achievement is considered invalid due to the error in the retransmission of screens, which does not allow observing the actions of the player and, more importantly, prevents checking if the streamer has resorted to the traps in the title.

After all, it would not be the first time that a controversy with a speedrun in Minecraft, as the user responsible for the previous world record made use of a mod that facilitated progress in the title. A panorama that we have also seen in Spelunkyas the fastest speedrunner in the game was found to have cheated when he set his world record in 2013.

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