A Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leak has players worried about Rocksteady’s game


It looks like Rocksteady’s next Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League could include live service items such as a shop and battle pass. This information comes from a leaked screenshot of the game four months before its release.

VGC reports that the leaked image originated from 4chan, and the outlet says that cHe confirmed with his own sources that the image is real. The screenshot shows what looks like the game’s main menu, where we can see the four playable characters lined up.

The left side of the screen displays a chapter selection menu, while the bar at the top of the screen displays options such as Appearances, Equipment, Social, Shop, and Battle Pass. This indicates that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Could Contain Live Service Elements.

According to VGC sources, the battle pass will focus on cosmetic items. Their sources claim that the coins that appear at the top of the leaked image are XP numbers to power up and customize your characters. VGC was also told that the characters don’t start out weak, but “start out great and can become ridiculous, like Batman from Arkham Knight.”

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 26. It’s Rocksteady’s first big game since 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight, and it’s already been pushed back beyond 2022.

Up to four players can team up as Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang in the game’s open world. The Suicide Squad will work to take down corrupted versions of DC heroes like Superman and The Flash, and the game will also include Kevin Conroy’s Batman.

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