A Superman movie with the creator of Peaky Blinders and starring Henry Cavill was rejected by Warner Bros.


A new report claims that the Peaky Blinders creator started working on a movie for Henry Cavill’s Supermanbut it all came to nothing.

According to sources from The Hollywood Reporter, Steven Knight, known for creating the Peaky Blinders series, wrote the groundwork for a new Superman movie with Henry Cavill. More specifically, it was about the sequel to The Man of Steel, but this proposal ended up being rejected by Warner Bros..

The reason for rejection was that Warner Bros. was not enthusiastic about the projectSo they crossed it off the list. As for Steven Knight, the writer not only created the Peaky Blinders series, but he has also worked on Taboo, See, Locke, and Serenity.

The only thing that is known about Man of Steel 2 is that the movie is stagnant, and all because DC is undergoing major changes. James Gunn and Peter Safran are preparing to take command and start with all the new projects that, until now, are unknown.

Will Superman return in a Man of Steel sequel?

Luckily for Superman fans, James Gunn has already announced that the return of the superhero is something very important to them. However, it is not known if Henry Cavill will return as Superman or if the Man of Steel 2 will revive, since new directors may prefer other projects Superhero related.

Very attentive to all the changes that are coming to DC, because Gunn and Safran will share their master plan for the company shortly. While you wait for the news, find out everything related to the possible end of the Snyderverse and find out the status of Wonder Woman 3.

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