A teacher at an elementary school in the US was accused of 24 counts of sexual crimes against minors

Tennessee police launched investigation after video posted on Tik Tok
Tennessee police launched investigation after video posted on Tik Tok

A former elementary school teacher in the southern US state of Tennessee is now officially facing 24 charges for sexual offenses committed against her students, including rape. Police investigators discovered what was going on through inappropriate videos that the teacher herself uploaded to the TikTok social network.

The woman in question is Taylor Cruzeis 23 years old, and worked for a year as a teacher leading a fifth-grade class at John Colemon Elementary School in the city of Smyrna, about thirty miles south of Nashville.

A grand jury imposed all 24 charges against Cruze after Smyrna police released the results of their investigation against the teacher. Even before she was formally charged, when she began the investigation, the Rutherford County School District (where Smyrna is located) had decided to suspend her without pay. Twenty days after her suspension, Cruze decided to resign from her position.

Although it is a case with minors involved, the details have not been disclosed, it is known that there were a series of videos containing sexual material in which his fifth graders appeared. The videos are not available online and the police have not revealed them to preserve the identity of the victims, but they have confirmed that the publication of this material was the initial kick of the investigation.

The first hearing for Taylor Cruze is scheduled for next September 28
The first hearing for Taylor Cruze is scheduled for next September 28

According to court records in Tennessee, on August 3, police obtained an arrest warrant for Cruze. It is not clear why the arrest finally took place on August 10.

Cruze’s charges include electronic exploitation of a child under the age of 13, electronic exploitation of a minor, and aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor (rape) and sexual assault by a male figure. authority.

Cruze is not in prison at this time, detained because after her arrest she paid a bail of 100 thousand dollars to await her trial in freedom. The first hearing will be on September 28 in which it will be known if she has reached an agreement with the prosecution to plead guilty, or if she will plead not guilty and go to trial.

The Rutheford School District has confirmed to the press that their department is actively working with authorities to provide them with any information available to them.

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