A Tentative Deal Has Been Reached To Keep Some Broadway Workers From Going On Strike


A Tentative Deal Has Been Reached To Keep Some Broadway Workers From Going On Strike:

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, as well as IATSE, started voting on whether to go on strike on Wednesday. However, on Thursday morning, the Broadway League and Disney Theatrical Productions stated that they had made a tentative contract deal with IATSE.

The Broadway League as well as Disney Theatrical Productions, which represent producers, as well as the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees said Thursday that they had made a tentative deal that could lead to a strike as early as Friday.

On Thursday, a potential agreement was made between the union that represents 1,500 stagehands and other backroom workers as well as Broadway producers, theater owners, as well as managers.

This was done to avoid a strike that could have happened as early as Friday and shut down shows in New York and traveling shows all over the country.

The deal was revealed through the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees as well as Management, which is made up of the Broadway League, the trade group for the business, and Disney Theatrical.

About 1500 Members Went On Strike During Voting:

IATSE’s 1,500 members were in the middle of voting to go on strike when the deal was made, but the details were not yet known.

The deal has not yet been signed. Within a joint declaration, the negotiators said, “In the coming days, each side will tell its members about the specifics of this agreement.”

Does The Strike By SAG-AFTRA Affect Broadway?

The strike in Hollywood has nothing to do with the deal between the IATSE, the Broadway League, as well as Disney Theatrical Productions.

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Last week, the leaders of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of TV and Radio Artists decided unanimously to join the Writers Guild of America in going on strike. The Writers Guild of America went on strike on May 2.

More Than 51,000  Members Are Runs Broadway Since 1913:

Actors on the stage are not part of the strike that could shut down Hollywood. The players’ Equity Association, which has been around since 1913 and includes more than 51,000 players as well as stage managers throughout the country, is the group that runs Broadway.

If your future Broadway show has a screen talent such as Lea Michele, who appears in “Funny Girl” till September, you don’t have to worry about a substitute stepping in. According to Variety, the SAG-AFTRA protest rules don’t stop players from working in stage shows like those on Broadway.

Some Time Union Talks Concluded Without A Strike:

Even though most union talks end without a strike, many of them include a vote on whether or not to go on strike.

Still, it doesn’t happen often that a strike vote occurs just hours before a possible strike starts. Most of the time, they happen weeks or months before the strike date. This gives union members more time to talk before they walk out.

Recently Union Said That They Reached Tentative Agreements To Safeguard Employee:

The union said in a statement on Wednesday that they had recently reached tentative agreements to safeguard employer-provided medical services without cuts or higher personal expenses and to get employer  provided housing for touring crews for the very first time.

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But the union said that the two sides were still very far apart on other issues that were important to the union, such as higher wages and acceptable weekly and daily breaks.

Within May Broadway Made $1.6 Billion From Tickets:

The Broadway League said that within the season that ended in May, the initial full season since the pandemic stopped Broadway shows, 12.3 million people went to the stages and $1.6 billion was made from ticket sales.

This Strike Threat Came When Already 160,000 Actors And 11,000 Writers Are On Strike:

The strike threat came at the same time that 160,000 SAG-AFTRA actors and 11,000 Writers Guild of America members were already upon strike against major film companies as well as streaming services, shutting down a majority of the television shows and films that were being made across the country.

A lot of organized workers outside of the entertainment industry are also planning to go upon strike.

340,000 People At UPS Also Going On Strike Against Package Delivery Firm:

The Teamsters union, which has 340,000 people at UPS, said it is going upon strike in opposition to the package delivery firm on August 1 if a new contract can’t be reached.

After discussions broke down during the early morning hours of July 5, management as well as the union just accepted to try again next week.

General Motors, Ford, as well as Stellantis, which make cars through the Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, as well as Jeep names and have workers in the United Auto Workers union, also have strike dates in mid-September. Talks with the union have been tense so far.

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Almost 15,000 Hotel Workers Are Also Going On Strike Against 65 Hotels With In Los Angeles:

Also, approximately 15,000 hotel workers within Los Angeles as well as Orange counties, who launched upon strike in opposition to 65 hotels during the Fourth of July holiday weekend, are planning to strike again because their union says there hasn’t been any progress at the talking table.