A unique village in Maharashtra, people here do not sell milk, distribute it for free, know why …


There is a village in Hingoli district of Maharashtra – Yelegaon Gawli where the villagers do not sell milk, but distribute it to the needy people for free. In the village of Yelegaon, Gawli, where most of the houses are cattle, people have never sold milk, instead they have a tradition of distributing milk free of cost, which is still in place today. People here claim to be descendants of Lord Krishna, hence do not sell milk. Also Read – Rituals with women will make you shock. Traditions where women get weird tortures

“One of the residents of the village, Rajabhau Mandade (60) said – Yelgaon Gawli village is the name of the village of milkmen. We consider ourselves descendants of Lord Krishna and therefore, we do not sell milk. He told that 90 percent of the households in our village have cattle, but no resident sells milk and the tradition has been followed for generations. Also Read – Know why couple not get married even after having a child. A city in India where marriage takes place after having a child

Rajabhau Mandade said that when additional milk is produced, various milk products are made, but none of them are sold and they are distributed free to the needy. He told that “There is a Krishna temple in the village, Janmashtami festival is celebrated on a large scale here. However, due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, prayers are not being done, Janmashtami is being celebrated in a simple way. Also Read – Do you know about Japan unique traditions. Some unique traditions of Japan, food is served here on the body of a nude woman

Sarpanch Sheikh Kausar (44) of Yalegaon said that the tradition of not selling milk in our village has been going on for centuries and all the villagers have been following this tradition till now. “None of the villagers, whether belonging to Hindu, Muslim or any other religion, do not sell the milk of their cattle.” He said that 90 percent of the 550 households have cows, buffaloes and some goats. But we distribute milk free of cost.

The villagers who follow this unique tradition of this village feel happy doing this work. Let the farmers and leaders in the state agitate for the increase in milk prices earlier this month. In such a situation, the people of this village are still carrying on their tradition.


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