A Valheim player recreates a huge battleship within the game at 1: 1 scale


The building possibilities of the Iron Gate game are impressive. Players are proving that you can make almost any idea that you put in your head, and we already showed you that user who recreated White Race of Skyrim within the title. Now it’s the turn of an impressive and huge American battleship.

A huge American battleship inside Valheim

This Reddit user with the name u / wjdql64334, has shared this spectacular creation within Valheim on the portal. This is a 1: 1 scale recreation of a battleship of the United States Navy. Specifically, it has been based on the USS Iowa (BB-61) model, which was the fourth ship to bear the name of the State and which is no longer in operation.

As you can see in the photos, the size is impressive and if the images do not work, look at it compared to the small pots that the player has arranged around it. It is a construction within Valheim using the game’s own toolsIn other words, anyone who can and who wants to could also build their own American battleship. Obviously, it is not functional.

This type of construction, along with the aforementioned replica of the White Race town of Skyrim within Valheim only demonstrates the spectacular imagination of the players in a title that is breaking all the records that have been and have yet to be had. And let’s not forget that all this is being achieved as Early Access, as Iron Gate continues to work on the game and content updates continue to arrive. What will be next?

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