Abby Lee Miller Says She Still Likes High School Football Players


Abby Lee Miller Says She Still Likes High School Football Players:

In a recent interview on Sofia Franklyn’s show Sofia with an F, the Dance Moms star talked about a risky habit. Miller brought up one of Tom Cruise’s less well-known movies and the strange reason she likes him in the middle of a talk about him.

When Maddie was on the hit TV show Dance Moms, Abby was her dance teacher. She was one of the first people to be on the show, and she stayed on for six great seasons, starting when she was 8 years old.

On a recent episode of Sofia Franklyn’s “Sofia with an F” show, Abby Lee Miller took an unexpected turn into a talk that made jaws drop all over the country.

Yes, you heard that right: Abby, who is 57 years old, admitted that she likes high school football players. The shocking news came out of nowhere and made us all wonder, “Did she really simply say that?”

Abby Said That The Young Football Players Were Her Downfall:

When the talk turned to the famous actor Tom Cruise and his 1983 movie “All the Right Moves,” which was about a high school football star, things seemed to be going well.

Abby couldn’t help but jump right in and say that these young football players were her “downfall. Now, that’s not something you hear very often.

The dance teacher was on the podcast to talk about her new show, Mad House, which will start streaming on Brandon TV on September 29. The show shows how dancers between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three try to get better at what they do.

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Miller described how the new show is different from Dance Moms. “The idea of the show was ‘no moms allowed,’ as well as the kids are fighting with me,” she said.

Abby Said, “I’ve Forgotten So Much About My Childhood That I Don’t Even Know What It Was Like”:

“At that age, I had more worry than I did after I left. So many things have changed since then. She tells Cosmopolitan last year, “When fans post clips from Dance Moms, I’m like, “I don’t even remember that happening.”

She said, “I’ve forgotten so much of my childhood that I don’t even know what my life was like before I started working.” Maddie said that when it came to her old teacher, she had to “unlearn” a lot of what she had been taught.

“My dance teacher told me that if you don’t get the prize or the crown, you are less than, and this is the worst way to teach a child. It helps me learn other things,” she said.

Maddie also said that she as well as her family tried for three seasons to convince her off Dance Moms, but couldn’t due to her contract.

The Internet Was Full Of Responses:

When she finally managed to leave the show, Abby was left crying, which made Maddie feel “guilty” for the “longest time.”

“We felt so bad for a long time. She taught me how to do things and helped me, but I knew I’d be fine without her, and I was ill of being within a bad place. Maddie said of Abby, “I haven’t talked to her since then.”

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The Internet was full of responses, as it should have been. People thought that Abby’s words were very rude, especially since she was the star of Dance Moms, a reality program about young dancers and their families.

Abby Has Also Fought With Mackenzie Ziegler, Maddie’s Sister, And Their Mother, Melissa Ziegler:

One online commenter joked, “It’s crazy that she turned and then explained.” Abby has also had problems with Mackenzie Ziegler, Maddie’s sister, and their mother, Melissa Ziegler. Abby went on Sofia Franklyn’s show Sofia With a F to talk about the stress in her relationships with them all.

Abby said that Mackenzie’s 2014 song “It’s a Girl Party” has “a lot of nasty darkness” and that she didn’t get “one penny” from it, even though she created it. Abby said that even though they had fallen out, she might be willing to talk to Maddie once more if she was the one who reached out.