Abby’s facial model dresses up as the character from The Last of Us 2


Jocelyn Mettler is the facial model for the character Abby in The Last of Us: Part II, Naughty Dog’s last great work. Its interpretation is provided by actress Laura Bailey, but the team relied on her face to give life to the character of the game, one of the most controversial in the recent history of the medium. As we can see in his Instagram account, has decided to cosplay the character and the result is fantastic.

Jocelyn Mettler’s cosplay as Abby

As we can see in the photos that she herself published last November, she wears a costume designed by the fett, which incorporates padding to emulate Abby’s muscles in The Last of Us 2. Here we can be fully aware of her work as a model facial of this developer, since with the costume her resemblance is surprising.

There are several publications he has on his social networks emulating the character of Abby in The Last of Us: Part II. She is not the only facial model of the game to be talked about since the launch of the Naughty Dog game, as model Cascina Caradonna posted several videos on her YouTube channel reacting to the game.

As in the case of Abby, Dina is another of the characters in the game that has a facial model and an actress who performs the interpretation and dubbing of the character. In this regard, a few months ago we made a compilation of the best reactions of actors and actresses to their work in video games.

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