Activision sued for copying Modern Warfare character


Activision, Infinity Ward and Major League Gaming Corp. (MLG) have been accused of copyright infringement, as they are said to have used the design of an existing character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

As reported in TorrentFreak, the plaintiff of the complaint, Clayton Haugen, alleges that the design of the character of Mara from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been stolen from Cade Janus, central character in his story November Renaissance.

Imágenes: Torrent Freak

In 2017, Haugen hired actress, cosplayer and streamer Alex Zedra to play Cade Janus, and took a series of photos of him for film studios in hopes of turning November Renaissance into a movie. The photos arrived on Instagram through a series of calendars.

When they were developing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, these companies hired Alex Zedra to create a “strong and skilled female fighter” for the game. What’s more, Haugen says they asked him to be made with the same clothes and gear he had when he did the Cade Janus shoot.

Imágenes: Torrent Freak

The same makeup artist as Cade Janus was in charge of not only recreating the look, but also using the same piece of hair extension. Haugen says the original photographs were hung on the studio wall and used as a guide before scanning the 3D model.

“To secure their planned misuse of the Cade Janus photos, the defendants needed the skilled makeup artist to sign a nondisclosure agreement,” the complaint read. “The resulting photos were intended to be (and were) copies of Cade Janus’ photos.”

The photos and 3D images were not only used to develop Mara, but were also resources for the Modern Warfare marketing campaign.

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“Haugen must recover the financial benefit from those accused of breaking the law, including related benefits.”

The truth is that they look like horrors …