Adele Stops A Las Vegas Show To Tell Security Off For Annoying A Fan


Adele Stops A Las Vegas Show To Tell Security Off For Annoying A Fan:

Adele stopped her Las Vegas residency show on August 26 to tell the security guard at Caesars Palace to stop “bothering” with one of her concertgoers.

Adele stopped singing “Water Under the Bridge” and asked what was going going on within the crowd, which was caught on video by a fan.

The fan was singing and dancing along while carrying what looked like a selfie stick. He recorded the whole thing and later shared it on TikTok.

“What’s up with that young fan who has been bothering me so much ever since I stood up on stage? Adele spoke to the people in the crowd. “Why is he acting like that? Yes, you, raise your hand, yes you!”

People Seemed To Be Bothered By A Fan Called Juan Lastra Who Stood Up:

A fan called Juan Lastra was having the time of his life at Adele’s Weekends With Adele show in Las Vegas, as seen within a TikTok video posted by @adeleslittleloveee.

But the fact that he appeared to be standing seemed to bother some of the people in the crowd who were interested in remaining sitting.

A woman came up to Lastra and told him that everyone beneath him was sitting down. This made her want him to sit down, too.

The person sat next to Lastra warned the woman that Lastra could stand up, but the woman insisted on her point. Later within the video, a guy yelled at Lastra again and told him to sit and to stop singing.

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Adele Saw What Was Happening And Stopped The Show To Help This Fan:

Even though Adele was in the middle of the stage, she saw what was going ahead and stopped the show to stand up for this fan.

“Wait a second,” she said. “What is that young man doing over there? Since I came upon to stand up, he’s been so upset. “What’s the matter with him?”

Security may be heard trying to get the fan to sit down, but the video’s muffled sound makes it hard to hear what’s going on.

“Why are you making him mad? Adele asked again. “Can you please leave him alone? They will no longer bother you, sweetheart. You liked what you saw. Don’t bother him.”

Security quickly did what they were told and left the fan alone. Adele then apologized to the rest of her audience: “Sorry, guys.

Security and the people sitting behind him have been bothering him the whole time. He wants to have a good time. Everyone here is here to have fun.”

Adele Has Always Stood Up For Her Fans, Even When She Was The One Who Was Making Things Hard For Them:

Adele has always stood up for her fans, even when she was the one who was making things hard for them. When she pushed back the start of her Las Vegas stint before it began last year.

She appeared to be FaceTiming alongside several people who wanted to go to the show. She apologized in tears and offered free goods, drink tickets, as well as meet-and-greets.

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A Clip That Was Re-posted On X Got 4.1 Million Views:

Still, the original TikTok video has gotten 9.5 million views, Lastra’s post has 1.8 million views, and the clip that was shared on X has 4.1 million views.

Many artists appreciate it when fans receive their lives together throughout a show to provide thrilling energy back to the act upon stage.  Knowing Adele, it’s not that surprising that she stopped the show to support a fan who was simply having fun.