Adult VR Games Bring Immersive Thrills


Adult entertainment has seen a number of significant technological advancements over the past two decades. From Blu-Ray discs and the HD revolution to widespread streaming video, fluid live broadcasting, and services like Only Fans and Fancentro allowing amateurs to make a living from their work, the adult entertainment industry looks very little like it did in the 70s, 80s, or 90s. This can also be said of adult video games.

Decades after the text-only Softporn Adventure from (On-Line Systems) and Leisure Suit Larry (Sierra Entertainment) introduced consumers to the more risqué possibilities of PC gaming, virtual reality is bringing a truly immersive and remarkably satisfying form of sexual entertainment to the tiny screens of VR headsets. With a wide range of gaming genres represented – heavily customizable simulators, elementary choose-your-own-adventures, and sci-fi RPGs among them – the world of adult VR games is not only rapidly growing, it’s already mightily impressive.

Create Your Ideal Mate

One of the most popular adult VR games is also fostering a huge community of players, designers and creators, all of whom are contributing to its development. Virt-A-Mate impressively brings both stunning realism and pure, unadulterated fantasy into VR. Using the most basic form of the game users can enjoy richly rendered pre-made scenes. More dedicated gamers, however, can dive in and start creating their own scenes, characters, and sexual situations. The customization options are vast with Virt-A-Mate and many amateur creators are making incredible contributions to the enormous haul of content now available.

Although it demands a powerful PC to run effectively and can initially offer a substantial learning curve from your average point-and-click adventure game, Virt-A-Mate offers what few other titles even dare. Fancy hooking up with a girl-next-door type with your exact ideal physical dimensions? How about a smoking hot alien babe with intricately patterned body art? Or perhaps a character that looks remarkably similar to your favorite video game heroine strikes your fancy? Virt-A-Mate not only can deliver on these lusty promises but allows you to explore any imaginable sexual scenario with your chosen virtual partner (or partners).

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WebXR: Ready to Roll

WebXR game studio RockHardVR offers a comparably simple setup and playing process for its myriad browser-based adventures. From foxy gym bunnies to even foxier flight attendants to a physician more interested in cunnilingus than curing cancer, each RockHardVR adventure may have relatively primitive graphics but it gets by with a fun cast, lively concepts and scenarios, and arguably the easiest path of entry into VR gaming of any kind. Simply load your VR browser, choose a scene and hit Stream to be thrust into a character-driven scenario that relies heavily on your lust for cartoonish babes. Now offering many scenes with hand-tracking capabilities that will have your VR partner’s activity match your own, RockHardVR is leading the charge for simple but powerful adult play in VR.

Real Stars Rendered

While it can be tons of fun to enter VR and hookup up with wildly fantastic females the likes of which human eyes have never seen before, some adult gamers will want VR to provide them a chance to mingle with some of the hottest (real) humans alive today. Holodexxx gives them that chance. Although Holodexxx’s style suggests that you’re in a futuristic sci-fi strip club and lounge, its lead characters are genuine porn stars just photogrametrically scanned and rendered as VR elements. Riley Reid, Marley Brinx, Skin Diamond, Mia Malkova, and Dani Daniels are among the stars you can be entertained, seduced, and thoroughly worked over by when immersed in the always expanding universe of Holodexxx. With AR options, story-based episodes with featured stars, and strong customization options for those so inclined, Holodexxx has plenty to offer anyone seeking interactions with their favorite adult performers. What’s more, it both shows how far adult gaming has come and points to the future of porn as near as we can currently expect.