After A Month Of Waiting, The Barbie Movie Will Now Be Shown In The United Arab Emirates


After A Month Of Waiting, The Barbie Movie Will Now Be Shown In The United Arab Emirates:

After more than a month of waiting because of possible content problems, the United Arab Emirates has given the “Barbie” movie the green light to come out. The UAE didn’t say why the screening took so long, which has also happened in other Arab countries.

“The UAE Media Council has given the go-ahead for the Barbie movie to be shown in licensed theaters in the UAE,” the council said late Thursday. “This was done after the necessary steps were taken to meet the UAE’s standards for media content and age classification.”

See What Type Of Problems Barbie Can Face Within UAE:

A transgender actor playing Barbie and other messages about LGBTQ+ issues might pose a problem in Arab countries with large Muslim populations, where homosexuality as well as transgender identity are against Islam.

Margot Robbie plays Barbie in the movie centered around the famous doll, and Ryan Gosling plays Ken. Several other actors play “Barbies” as well as “Kens,” including Hari Nef, a transgender actress from Philadelphia who plays one of the Barbies.

It Seems Like Barbenheimer Movement Will Stay An American Thing Only:

It looks like the Barbenheimer movement will stay an American thing, and what could be more American than putting together a toy movie and an atomic bomb movie?

Yesterday, we told you that the Japanese branch of Warner Bros. was calling out the primary branch for using a Barbenheimer joke. Now, it looks like some Middle Eastern countries might not even get Barbie.

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The Problem Is That Censors In Few Countries Want To Alter Narration And Dialogue Regarding LGBTQ:

Source says that the problem is that censors within some countries want to change “alleged LGBTQ-related narration as well as dialogue” within Greta Gerwig’s movie, which Warner Bros. probably won’t agree to.

Local producer Vox Cinemas has moved the release date of the movie to the end of August, but if the company doesn’t make those changes, it might not be shown at all within Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, as well as Egypt.

Even so, Variety says there isn’t much within the movie which is “blatantly gay,” and Margot Robbie told Attitude that she didn’t think any of the dolls in the movie had sexual preferences.

If the “alleged” LGBTQ content isn’t the problem, Variety says that other Barbie things have been banned within Saudi Arabia due to how they show Barbie herself. The article suggests that the Gerwig movie is “too camp and too much of a challenge to traditional male authority.”

Warner Bros. Middle East Distributor Majid Al Futtaim Was Unavailable For Comment:

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. refused to say anything when asked. Majid Al Futtaim, the Middle East company that sells Warner Bros. movies, was unable to be reach for comment.

Last June, the UAE and other Arab countries delayed then blocked the release of “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.” This was likely because the movie made a reference to transgender people and the company wouldn’t change it.

Barbie Made $824 Million Worldwide With In 2 Weeks:

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” was a culture phenomenon and a huge hit at the box office, making $824 million around the world in just two weeks.

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The hugely popular Barbie movie, which has been taking over the box office, may not be able to be seen in the Middle East because it needs to be censored there before it can be shown.

The danger of a ban is getting closer because Middle Eastern marketing partners of Warner Bros. pushed back the start date of the movie.

Barbie is a dream comedy from the year 2023 that is based on the famous doll with the same name. The movie is based on a line of toys that has been popular with kids since they first came out in 1959. The IP has been turned into almost every kind of media, including 42 animated movies.

However, Barbie, which came out in 2023, was a quite ambitious live-action project that drove Barbie and her constant boyfriend Ken as they tackled the existential questions that came up when they discovered the real world and how different it was from Barbieland.

The movie had a big cast, with big names like Simu Liu joining Robbie as well as Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken.

Barbie Additionally Banned Within Vietnam And Philippines:

This isn’t the first time Barbie has run into a problem like this. Before it came out, the movie was banned in Vietnam as well as the Philippines because it pushed China’s land claims. A controversial scene in the movie also made it possible that it could be banned in more Asian countries.

The Middle Eastern release delay, which put off indefinitely a premiere date that would have given Middle Eastern audiences access to Barbie two days before Western audiences, was supposed to give time to make changes that would make a localized version of the film more acceptable to the stricter censors.

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Warner Bros Will Not Make Ant Changes Within Movie:

But entertainment news sites in the region as well as a few people in the West appear certain that Warner Bros. won’t make any big changes to the movie.