After AI Art Was Found In The Latest D&D Book, The Publisher Changed Its Rules


After AI Art Was Found In The Latest D&D Book, The Publisher Changed Its Rules:

Wizards of the Coast, the company that makes Dungeons & Dragons, has admitted that AI-made art was used in its guide Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants, which came out online on August 1 for people who had pre-ordered it.

The company, which is owned by Hasbro, said within a statement that it will alter its rules so that AI-made or -assisted work won’t be used in its books in the future. Images are still on D&D Beyond, and they should be in the actual book when it comes out on August 15.

Wizards Didn’t Know That The Artist Was Using AI To Make These Commissioned Pieces:

“We didn’t know that the artist was using AI to make these commissioned pieces,” Wizards stated within a statement made to X on Saturday. “We have talked to him, and he won’t use AI for Wizards’ work in the future.”

Hasbro’s D&D Beyond, which develops online tools as well as additional content for the brand, said it didn’t know till Saturday that an artist it has collaborated with for almost a decade utilized AI to make artwork for a future book.

Hasbro Owner Of “Wizards of the Coast”, He Spoken To The Artist And Told That He Will Not Use AI For Wizard’s:

Wizards of the Coast, a company owned by Hasbro, said within a statement that it has spoken to that artist and is making its rules clear. A post from D&D Beyond’s account on X, which used to be Twitter, said, “He won’t use AI for Wizards’ work in the future.”

“We are changing our process as well as updating our artist guidelines in order to make it clear that artists can’t use AI art generation as part of how they make art for D&D.”

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Shkipin Said That A Lot Of Painted Elements Were We Enhanced With AI Rather Than Made From Scratch:

Shkipin says that a lot of the things that were drawn were “improved with AI instead of being made from scratch.” But this doesn’t change the reality that the book has pictures made by AI, and it looks like there is no information about the pictures at all.

No one who worked on Bigby Presents seems to have known that Shkipin utilized AI art within his process.

Additional Screenshots Prove That Shkipin Used AI Tool To Generators Art:

More screenshots that io9 got prove that Shkipin utilized AI art generators, yet at the time this art was made and turned in, the generators weren’t good enough to make good images, so Shkipin told others in private messages that “overall, it was created digitally.”

On Friday, D&D author NevernotDM wrote on X about what he called “seriously concerning” proof of AI’s use in his upcoming book Glory of the Giants, which is scheduled to be released on August 15.

On X Ilya Shkipin Wrote That He Used AI To Enhanced The Art:

On Saturday, artist Ilya Shkipin wrote upon X that he had used AI for “some details or polishing and editing.” He then posted pictures of finished work and sketches to show what he meant.

After artists and other people within the D&D community complained, Shkipin took down the posts. On Saturday, Shkipin’s similarities were shown in photos on Io9.

A Person From Wizards Of The Coast Stated That Team Was Not Aware Of That Shkipin Is Using AI:

A person at Wizards of the Coast said that the team didn’t know that Shkipin was using AI. Also, they say that none of the writing within the book was made by AI.

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Wizards of the Coast has indicated that they will change their rules to make it clearer that these kinds of things shouldn’t happen again. On the fifth of August, D&D Beyond made a comment on X that said they had no idea that Shkipin utilized AI creators in his art.

Hasbro Speeded $146.3 Million To Purchase D&D Beyond:

Hasbro as well as Wizards of the Coast didn’t answer Sunday when asked for more information. Hasbro paid $146.3 million for D&D Beyond last year. Wizards of the Coast has been owned by the big toy company in Rhode Island for more than 20 years.

“Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants,” a soon-to-be-published paperback book about monsters and their stories, has the art in question. On the D&D website, both the digital and paper versions of the package are for sale for $59.95. They are set to come out on August 15.

Frostmourne and other D&D Beyond characters have features in their end art that show they were made with AI. In another, the Frost Giant Ice Shaper’s left foot looks oddly shaped and turned, which may hint at or at least raise questions about where the art came from.

Shkipin’s artwork has been in Dungeons & Dragons books since 2014, when the fifth version came out.

Now Wizards Of The Coast Was Changing Their Rules:

Wizards said in a statement released on Saturday that it is “revising the way we work as well as updating our artist rules to make it clear that artists can’t use AI art generation as an element of their art-making process when making D&D art.”

The use of AI tools to help with artistic creations has raised copyright as well as labor concerns within a number of industries. This has contributed to the Hollywood strike, caused the Recording Academy to change the rules for the Grammy Awards, and led a few visual artists to sue artificial intelligence firms for using their artwork without their permission to make image generators that anybody are able to utilize.

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This isn’t the first time that AI art creation as well as board games have come into conflict, leading to comments and rules. In March, Paizo, the company that makes Pathfinder and Starfinder, said that no AI would be allowed in the work of any of its artists.

2 Months Before 3 Artist Filed A Class Acton Lawsuit Against 2 Businesses:

Approximately two months before that, three artists brought a class-action lawsuit against two businesses that produce AI art tools as well as DeviantArt, which has an independent AI art creator.

AI art upon social media didn’t cause too much of a stir, since many people pointed out that this sort of art is still fairly new to the market.

Still, Wizards has had a lot of PR problems this year, including the D&D OGL mess in January and the admission in April that Pinkerten spies were sent to a content creator’s house to get stolen Magic: The Gathering cards.

Recently Mattel Also Used AI To Generate AI Images For New Hot Wheels Car:

Mattel, a company that competes with Hasbro, used pictures made by artificial intelligence to help coming up with thoughts for novel Hot Wheels cars, but it hasn’t said if this was more than just an experiment.

Baldur’s Gate 3, the newest D&D computer game from Larian Studios, started its full launch time on Tuesday. Based on things like the number of people playing it at the same time on Steam, BG3 was an instant hit. On Saturday afternoon, over 709,000 people were playing it at the same time.