After all, the water of Lonar lake in Maharashtra was pink due to this, you will be surprised to know the reason


Pune: The water of Lonar lake in Buldhana district of Maharashtra has turned pink due to presence of large number of ‘Haloarchia’ bacteria. A Pune-based institute has concluded this. Dr. Prashant Dhakefalkar, director of Agarkar Research Institute, said that ‘Haloarchia’ or ‘Halophilic Archaea’ is a bacterium that produces pink color and is found in saltwater. Also Read – Maharashtra Lockdown: Lockdown extended without concession in Maharashtra, these areas including Thane closed till 31 July

He said, “Initially, we thought that the color of the lake water has turned pink due to red colored algae, but after examining the samples of the lake water we came to know that a large number of haloarchia in the lake Water turned pink due to presence. ” Also Read – Maharashtra has highest number of 9518 new cases a day, 258 deaths, number of infected crosses 3 lakh

“Since it (Haloarchia) produces pink color, pink color has come to the surface of the water,” said Dhakefalkar. Dhakefalkar and other researchers of the institute have sent a detailed report in this regard to the Forest Department, which the department has Will hand over the Nagpur bench of the High Court. This bench is hearing the petition on concerns about the lake turning pink. Also Read – Shiv Sena in praise of Devendra Fadnavis, said- He is energetic even today and doing good work

Dhakefalkar said that he believed the water evaporated due to lack of rain, less human intervention, and higher temperatures, which increased its salinity and pH levels and helped haloarchia flourish.

He said that it was also ascertained whether the color of the water has become permanently pink. Dhakefalkar said, “We kept the sample water for a while and we found that the bio weight reached below the water and the water became transparent. Scientists said that due to reduced salinity due to rain, the water of the lake is returning to its original color again.

Lonar Lake is a popular tourist center in Buldhana, Maharashtra. About 50,000 years ago, this oval lake was formed by a comet hitting the earth. Recently the water of this lake has turned pink, due to which not only the local people but also nature lovers and scientists are amazed.


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