After Being Charged Of Breaking SAG-AFTRA Protest Rules, Selena Gomez Seems To Take Down An Instagram Post


After Being Charged Of Breaking SAG-AFTRA Protest Rules, Selena Gomez Seems To Take Down An Instagram Post:

Selena Gomez’s Instagram post that mentioned her Hulu show “Only Murders in the Building” was taken down after many of her fans said she broke SAG-AFTRA strike rules.

The post looked like it was a film from the comedy show’s set. Gomez tagged the official “Only Murders within the Building” Instagram account in the video’s description and wrote “Missing and wanting.”

Before it was taken down from Gomez’s page, the post got more than 1.1 million likes within 15 hours. The person has tried to get in touch with Gomez’s agent. SAG-AFTRA chose not to say anything about the situation.

What Rule About Strikes Did Gomez Break?

A source says that SAG-AFTRA’s strike rules say that members can’t talk about their work in chats with the press or on social media while the strike is going on.

The story says that Gomez didn’t tell her followers to view the show within the post, but the fact that she tagged the official account for the show made her followers think that the video was from the filming location of the show. It’s still not clear if this goes against the strike rules or not.

Members of SAG-AFTRA can’t talk about their work in interviews with the press or on social media while the strike is going on.

Gomez didn’t say anything in the set video or in the comments, yet she did tag the official “Only Murders in the Building” account.

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People Who Saw The Tag Thought That The Clip Was From The Filming Location Of The Hulu Show:

Followers thought that the video was from the set of the Hulu show because of the tag. People were talking about whether or not that was against the rules.

Many of Gomez’s fans accused her of shaming, and one fan said the post was “tone deaf” in the midst of the strikes. Only Murders within the Building’s third season started on Hulu upon August 8. New shows came out every week until October 3.

The show also stars Steve Martin as well as Martin Short. It’s about three people who get together to look into a death within the apartment building where they all live. They all like true crime podcasts. Mabel Mora, one of the three, is played by Gomez.

The third season of “Only Murders in the Building” was now on Hulu. In the show, Gomez acts Mabel Mora, a young artist who has a knack for finding out about killings in New York City.

She stars with Steve Martin as well as Martin Short. Since the first episode, Gomez has become a regular on the show. The third season of the show started on August 8, and it will be on Hulu until October 3.

On Hulu, New Episodes Start Every Tuesday:

Because of the strike, Gomez as well as her co-stars haven’t talked about Season 3 shows in any talks. On Hulu, new shows come out every Tuesday.

Gomez recently made news when her latest track, “Single Soon,” which came out on August 25, marked her return to music.

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The song is a single that doesn’t belong to any record at the moment. Gomez can promote her songs as much as she wants because that doesn’t break the rules of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

On Friday, Gomez Put Out A New Song Called “Single Soon.”:

Gomez has had a busy week otherwise. On Friday, she shared her latest track, “Single Soon,” along with a lighthearted music video.

“Y’all have been asking for fresh music for a while,” she wrote upon Instagram, announcing the track a week before it came out and sharing its glamorous cover art.

“Since I’m not quite done alongside SG3, I wanted to release a fun little tune I wrote some time back that’s great for the final days of summer.

Since 2020’s Rare, the star hasn’t put out a full-length record, but she did release the all-Spanish EP Revalación the following year.