After Collapsing Because Of Blood Clots, Tori Kelly Was Released From The Hospital


After Collapsing Because Of Blood Clots, Tori Kelly Was Released From The Hospital:

After being treated with dangerous blood clots near her vital organs, singer Tori Kelly is on the way to getting better. TMZ has found out that she is now back home.

The Grammy-winning artist Tori was released from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center within Los Angeles on Monday and is going home to rest.

Sources Informed That Her Condition Became Really Serious:

Sources informed me that Kelly was “out for a while” as well as that her condition became “really serious,” as she was also “in and out of consciousness.”

They said that Kelly’s friends took her to a medical facility after she fell down. There, doctors discovered blood clots near her lungs as well as legs.

In Instagram Post Kelly Showed Images Of How She Is Getting Better:

Within an Instagram post upon Tuesday, Kelly showed pictures of how she is getting better by playing games, eating sweets, and watching the TV show Friends. Frodo and Dobby, her two poodles, led the group of people who came to greet her.

The slideshow post is called “Home Sweet Home,” and it shows Kelly hugging her dogs, looking at the flowers that were sent to her house, and relaxing with her Nintendo Switch as well as Friends repeat.

A picture from her husband accompanied by some extremely exciting news was also shown. The Grammy winner gave fans an update upon her health on social media Thursday. In a letter she wrote by hand and posted to X and Instagram, she said she’d had a “scary few days.”

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Doctors nevertheless don’t know what triggered the blood clots within Tori’s legs as well as lungs, but she’s doing better now. Sources tell us that Tori will still be checked up on regularly, but exiting the hospital as well as the intensive care unit was a big step.

Beyoncé Sent The House Flowers And Wrote I Hope You Are Doing Well:

“Hi! “I hope you’re doing well,” says the text. “Beyoncé sent the house flowers. They left them beneath this tree because no one was home. Kelly replied by writing, “Ummmm, Beyoncé?”

What Went On July 20:

Kelly was taken to the hospital on July 24 after passing out at a Los Angeles restaurant where she was having dinner with friends. She was taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where doctors found blood clots in both her legs and lungs.

A few days later, the “Paper Hearts” singer gave her first update on her health through a handwritten note that she took a picture of and put on Instagram. Kelly said, “You may have heard that I’m having some health problems that came up out of the blue.”

Even though the last few days have been scary, I can feel your thoughts as well as can’t stop thinking regarding you. I’m feeling better and more upbeat now, but there are still a few things I need to find out.

Kelly Said That She Is Feeling Stronger And More Hopeful:

Kelly said, “My condition has gotten better, and I’m feeling stronger and more hopeful, but there remain some things to find out.” She said, “I’m so thankful for the wonderful nurses and doctors who have been taking care of me.”

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Even though Kelly has been sick, she still put out her new EP, Tori, upon Friday. “Of course, I’m sad about all the things I planned for this week, when I was going to release my EP, but I know that my health comes first,” she said.

“Until I observe you again, I continue to wish you to enjoy a project that shows how happy I’ve been within the last few years. I will not allow this stop the music from getting to you on Friday!”

Kelly Said To Her Fans That “I love you all so much, as well as can’t believe how much love and care I’ve gotten”:

“I love you all so much, as well as can’t believe how much love and care I’ve gotten. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!” Kelly signed off by writing “Love, Tori” as well as a heart at the end of the letter.

Kelly’s note came shortly after her husband, André Murillo, shared an update on his wife’s health on his Instagram Story on Wednesday.

She Also Stated That She Is Missing Her Tour Days:

“I miss being on tour so much. I was actually in the middle of a world tour when COVID happened, and it broke my heart to have to stop it. “I haven’t been able to tour since then,” she said.

“That’s one of the most thrilling experiences I’m looking forward to,” Kelly said of traveling. “I can’t say much right now, but I can’t wait to see my fans again as they sing these songs alongside them.”