After Deadpool 3 and Stranger Things, Shawn Levy explains what his next Star Wars movie will be like


Shawn Levy has wanted to talk about the next Star Wars movie that he will direct, although he still has other major projects to focus on: Deadpool 3 and some episodes of the next season of Stranger Things.

In a statement made to SyFy Wire, Shawn Levy wanted to confirm what are your plans with this future Star Wars movie that you will direct:

“We’re in a very early stage of development,” says Shawn Levy. “My goal is to make a Star Wars film that is like many of my films, that is a visual spectacle and a healthy dose of wish fulfillment, frivolity and big heart.”

The director has also stated that He is very grateful to be able to direct a movie in the Star Wars saga and Deadpool 3something that I would not have thought possible in the past.

“If you had told me when I was doing Fat Liar that I would end up doing Deadpool and Star Wars, I would have said, ‘Are you kidding me? That’s a fantasy, not a goal.’ So the fact of painting in these big, rich canvases is exciting for me. Not a single day do I take it for granted or feel satisfied.”

But before taking on this new Star Wars movie, Shawn Levy will direct Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3, marking the return of Wolverine and the official introduction of both characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Furthermore, he is also expected to direct some episodes of the upcoming season of Stranger Things on Netflix, as he has done in the past.

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