After Falling At His Home In France, Elton John is back home and in good health


After Falling At His Home In France, Elton John Is Back Home And In Good Health:

This weekend, the musician, who is 76 years old, was taken to the hospital after “slipping” at his home within the south of France. After that, he was transported to the Princess Grace Hospital within Monaco, where he was kept overnight to be watched.

EW heard from a representative for the singer that she fell on Sunday. “As a precaution, Elton went to the local hospital,” the statement said next. “After getting checked out, he was sent home right away this morning. He is currently back at his house and doing well.”

The 76-year-old singer was treated for minor injuries at the orthopedic department of the Princess Grace Hospital Center in Monaco, which is close to his home in Nice.

Elton Was Sent Home This Morning As Well As Is Now Healthy And Back At Home:

A spokeswoman called the visit a “precautionary measure” and said, “After checkups, he was immediately released this morning as well as is currently back at home in good health.” The famous “Rocket Man” singer has been hurt in the past few years more than once.

He had to put off the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour dates in 2021 so he could get surgery for a hip injury he got when he fell awkwardly on a hard surface. The fall caused him “considerable pain as well as discomfort” in his hip.

When he told everyone the news, John said, “Despite intensive physiotherapy as well as specialist treatment, the discomfort has continued to get worse, making it harder to move.”

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The Doctor Told Elton That He Should Have An Operation:

He also said, “I’ve been told I need to have surgery in order in order to get back to full wellness and to make sure there won’t be any long-term problems.”

It started in September 2018 as well as was supposed to end in 2021. John said, “It’s time to get off the road so that I can fully start the next important part of my life.” I need to spend more time taking care of my kids.”

But the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to the tour, which was then lengthened by adding more cities. He played 330 shows in total, including a memorable headlining set at Glastonbury Festival. The order for the show was made so that his biggest hits came in a row.

During COVID Lockdown, Elton John Worked Alongside Stevie Wonder, Lil Nas X, Stevie Nicks, The Gorillaz, And Metallica:

During the COVID lockdowns, when he wasn’t on tour, he made The Lockdown Sessions, an album of duets with acts like Stevie Wonder, Lil Nas X, Stevie Nicks, Gorillaz, as well as Metallica who were far away or didn’t know each other.

Cold Heart, a song John did alongside Dua Lipa that used parts of his other hits, was the number one song in the UK as well as 12 other countries. After the surgery and the COVID-19 outbreak caused more delays, John didn’t get back on stage until 2023.

After his last show in July, he has since said goodbye to touring for good. The tour finished at the Tele2 Arena within Stockholm, which was the last stop after five years and more than 300 shows.

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John Went Into More Detail About His Injuries A Few Months Later:

Months later, John said more about how bad his injuries were. “I would not be 100% fit, as well as wouldn’t be 100% sure of myself, because my hip hurts me most of the time,” he said.

“I can’t move to the side, and I can’t get into or out of a car. I had to make a choice because I wasn’t interested in going onstage giving less than 100%. John also said that it would be “better to get it performed now” if he needed surgery.