After His Anti Trans Rant, Carlos Santana Deletes His Explanation And Posts A Poem That Is Hard To Figure Out


After His Anti Trans Rant, Carlos Santana Deletes His Explanation And Posts A Poem That Is Hard To Figure Out:

Carlos Santana took down apologies he posted to his Facebook page shortly after a video went popular this week showed him say transgender people ought to remain “within the closet.”

In the video, which was taken at a concert within Atlantic City, N.J., in late July, the 76-year-old singer can be seen stopping the show to talk to the crowd of 5,000 about gender identity.

“When God made us both, before we came out of the womb, you know who you were as well as what you were,” Santana, who grew in the city of San Francisco, said in the Aug. 19 YouTube video.

What Carlos Santana Stated Regarding LGBT People:

“When God made us both, before we came out of the womb, you knew who and why you were,” the musician says in the clip.

He went on, “Later on, when you grow up and see things and start thinking you might have something that sounds good, yet you know it’s not right because a woman is a woman as well as a man is a man, that’s it.”

“Whatever you’d like to do in your closet is your business; I don’t care,” added Santana. He then talked about his “brother Dave Chapelle,” who additionally said some controversial things about transgender problems. “I’m sorry for my rude words,” he said at first.

After What Happened, Carlos Santana Apologized To The Transgender Community In A Serious Way:

“They don’t show that I desire to accept and honor the ideas and views of everyone. I know what I stated hurt some people, which was not what I meant to do. I truly sorry to the transgender community as well as everyone else I hurt,” he said.

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Santana said that his “personal goal” was to “honor and accept all people’s ideas and views, whether they are LGBTQ as well as not.

We all received the gift of free will on this world. I will now work toward this goal to be happy while having fun, as I want everyone to think what they desire and follow it with all their heart with no fear.

“It takes guts to grow and shine in the light you were born with, as well as to be true, real, and real. We are learning to let our light shine with love and praise,” he said to wrap up.

On August 26, Early In The Morning, Carlos Santana Took That Post Down From Facebook:

But by the next morning, Santana had taken that message down from his Facebook page as well as put up a shorter post in the form of a song in its place. “The power of awareness makes more of itself. Hate breeds more hate, and love grows more love.

During his rant last month, which was filmed at one of his 1001 Rainbows Tour stops at the Hard Rock Live at the Etess Arena as well as first posted upon Reddit, Santana additionally praised comedian Dave Chappelle, calling him “my brother.” Chappelle was criticized for making transphobic jokes in his Netflix special “The Closer” in 2021.

Santana’s words were criticized by many people, including the executive director as well as board president of San Francisco Pride, Suzanne Ford as well as Nguyen Pham, respectively.

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Anti-LGBTQ Bills Were Under Consideration In State Governments All Over The United States At The Time Of The Event:

Within a joint message to the Chronicle, they said, “Carlos Santana’s recent comments against trans people are especially disappointing because he is a well-known Bay Area resident.”

“The reality that he utilized his huge stage to spread hate shows how dangerous it is to spread false information within a society where the gender spectrum is clear.”

Anti-LGBTQ bills were under consideration in state governments all over the United States at the time of the event. Nearly two dozen places have made it illegal or hard for transgender players to play sports in K–12 or college.

Regarding 20 States Have Rules Or Policies In Place:

About 20 states have banned gender-affirming medical care for children, including puberty blockers, hormone treatment, and surgery. Some of these laws or policies have been stopped by the courts.

“Santana’s influence needs to be talked about in a responsible way, especially since transgender people are on the outside and face discrimination as well as violence,” Ford as well as Pham said.

“As a community that wants to be more welcoming, we need to use this moment to emphasize empathy, education, as well as unity in the face of discriminatory policies, as well as encourage allies such as Santana to use their influence to help people understand each other instead of spreading harmful stereotypes.”

At The Exact Same Time, We Desire You To Feel Like You’re Valuable And Worthless Because You Are:

At the same event where the popular video was shot, Santana told the crowd, “We require you to feel valuable and priceless due to you are important and meaningful. It’s important to recognize and praise yourself.

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Santana lives in Las Vegas now, and he took a short break in 2021 to have heart surgery. Next month, he will start his 11th year of stay at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay.