After Janelle kicked Kody Off Of Sister Wives, She Has To Face Some Hard Truths


After Janelle kicked Kody Off Of Sister Wives, She Has To Face Some Hard Truths:

After a “pretty intense” fight alongside Janelle, also 54, Kody sat down with Meri Brown as well as his current wife Robyn Brown on Sunday, September 3, to talk about why they broke up.

Kody said that Janelle as well as Christine were working together against him while the group talked about their Christmas plans. On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Janelle and Kody had a huge fight about the end of their marriage and how Kody had grown apart from their boys.

They accused each other of “gaslighting” as well as “throwing” them “under the bus.” ” “I think they’re trying to shut myself out because they’re mad at me,” he stated, adding that his two ex-spouses were planning to spend the holidays together.

Janelle said, “You always turn it around on me,” to which Kody replied, “Because it should be on you, Janelle.” When it came to doing the COVID stuff, you didn’t agree with me.

The COVID-19 Outbreak Caused The Brown Family To Split Up In Big Ways:

Due to different ideas about how to stay safe, everyone in the Brown family had very different reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kody had his own set of strict rules, but Janelle as well as Christine Brown, his third wife, didn’t follow them.

Kody was especially annoyed by the fact that Janelle’s grown children didn’t want to stay home and instead wanted to do things that didn’t involve the family. The fight and Kody’s general lack of care for his children outside of his 4th marriage to Robyn Brown led to them breaking up.

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“Kody, I was looking after my children,” Janelle said. “And you’ve said, ‘Choose your beliefs or you won’t have a husband. So you want me to pick between both of our kids? That’s pretty much what you said. Kody said, “All you’ve got to do is back what I’m doing.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, Kody and his boys Gabriel as well as Garrison, whom he shared with his ex-wife Janelle, got into fights. When it was time for quarantining, Kody wanted his entire household to follow strict rules, yet some of his kids didn’t want to give up their social lives.

Kody Said On Sunday, “The Boys Aren’t Talking To Me”:

“The boys aren’t speaking to me,” Kody stated Sunday. “I’ve talked to pretty much everyone involved. They’re making up stories within their heads because they won’t talk to me, so everyone has a story about why I’m bad.

The two kept getting more and more angry at each other, and the fight soon turned into a shouting match. Kody said that his second wife was lying, and Janelle said that he was being manipulative with her. Janelle also said that she thought Kody was “pushing myself out the door.”

Kody then asked if they had “ever been a team” and if she had “ever had my back,” implying that she is a better co-parent with Christine than with him.

He then said it was “bulls—” when he said that Janelle, such as other polygamous wives, utilized the fact that the father wasn’t always around as a “excuse” for putting blame where it didn’t belong.

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Kody Said That His Family Members Are “Creating Up A Story” Regarding Him:

Kody said that people in his family are “making up a story” regarding him. “They’re talking to one another about it, but they’re not talking to me regarding it,” he said.

“And now everyone is angry with me. Christine as well as Janelle do everything they can to keep me as the head of the family, and that’s fine.

As Kody was getting ready to leave Janelle’s house, he said that there was “no desire for understanding each other here” as well as that there was “only bitterness that has no place.”

The reality star also said that he doesn’t “expect” Janelle to “back me up” or “co-parent the kids” alongside him. Christine said in an interview that after she and Kody broke up in 2021, she “became the head of my family and the family of my kids because I had to.”

She Said, “And If They Sought To Feel Love, Security, As Well As Acceptance, They Received That From Me”:

“I was the one that my children would listen to, while I was the one they talk to,” she informed the photographers. “And if they needs to feel loved, safe, or accepted, I gave them what they needed.”

When Janelle finally closed the door, she said “f— you” as well as told the recording crew to “shut it off.” But she talked about what happened after the fight and how it changed things.

Meri, on the other hand, told both of them that she feels “wholly stuck right there in the midst” of her broken family. “You have Christine, who went away. “You have Janelle, with whom you don’t get along,” she said. “I’m just here, so I’m like the third wheel. I have no idea what to do.”

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She Said, “Everything About My Estate Is Tied To This Property”:

But Janelle’s life got a lot harder after she kicked Kody out. “So, after I got over being surprised that Kody had left, I believed, ‘Oh my gosh. I don’t have any money,'” she stressed.

“Everything in my estate is tied to this property,” she said, referring to the family’s Flagstaff, Arizona, Coyote Pass home. “This house is tied to any sort of savings, money, or anything else.

I’m a smart woman, but I did something very stupid. Janelle stated that “I trusted this family system, but now I am really trapped. I’m like, “Oh, my god. I’m 50 years old and have nothing.'”