After Riquelme’s complaints, they ratified the closure of a grandstand in La Bombonera: the requirements that Boca must meet to raise it

The third South tray was disabled in Boca's last game at home
The third South tray was disabled in Boca’s last game at home

Juan Román Riquelme shook off the weekly drowsiness with an unexpected press conference in which he put as the main focus the closing of the third southern tray of La Bombonera. The stands that were disabled in the last presentation of Boca Juniors as a venue (against Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero) remain closed after “omitting organizational and security precautions regarding a massive show (Art. 96 according to Law 1472)” and the conflict has not yet been resolved. The Court involved in the case issued a statement yesterday afternoon in which it informed that the closure is maintained.

The Court of 1st instance in criminal, misdemeanor and misdemeanors No. 1 maintained the measure of preventive closure of the Superior South Tribune of Club Atlético Boca Juniors until a series of requirements are met for which the institution must move against the clock . Although the report detailed that “the partial results of the study carried out by the institution’s engineer look promising”, it was also clarified that a tax opinion will be prepared after the study of 1) the presentations of the General Directorate of Aid and Emergency Guard (a body dependent on the City Government that was the one that stated that it could not ensure the structural stability of the grandstand in the inspection of February 13); 2) the report prepared by the civil engineering studio Pozzi Azzaro (hired by Boca); and 3) that of the Football Safety Committee.

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In turn, it was reported that The results of the “Test 3” carried out on that stand have not yet been sent. It allows us to know how this loaded tray influences horizontal displacements: “To be complete and reach a conclusion, the study requires the completion and verification of the three stages, since the situation, as the professional himself detailed, is dynamic , being able to vary with the concretion of each phase”.

The keys to the reopening are held by the official experts of the judiciary, the engineer Álvarez Villalba and the architects Alberto Albertinsky and Lew, and Patricio Leyes Salto. Through a new inspection, they will determine whether or not to lift the closure.

The vice president of Boca Juniors was upset with the prosecutor

“You would have to ask the lady what painting it is from. It’s the same one that she made me declare (Due to the presence of his son on the Boca court during the mandatory isolation). Hopefully now that we know that everything is in order, that things will be presented this afternoon, he will work until Saturday and enable it as it should be because it harms the fan. I ask the lady to let the fans go and enjoy the show because they are the owners of our house”, were some of the lines with which Riquelme pointed out yesterday to the prosecutor Celsa Ramírez.

Meanwhile, Vice President xeneize He assured that he did not know why the rostrum was closed since “everything is in order” and he slipped that political issues led to this measure being taken before the last meeting in La Boca. A few hours from the engagement in front of the SquidRiquelme stressed that the authorities on duty would work “to Saturday” in order to enable all sectors, taking into account that the confirmation of the closure of the aforementioned grandstand was on Saturday, February 4, one day before the match against the Santiago team.

Hugo Ibarra’s team will receive Martín Palermo’s Platense next Sunday, starting at 7:15 p.m., for the fourth day of the Professional League.


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