After Rosalia’s Engagement Is Over, Rauw Alejandro Breaks His Silence


After Rosalia’s Engagement Is Over, Rauw Alejandro Breaks His Silence:

Rauw Alejandro released a long statement on Wednesday, just one day after this was reported that he as well as his girlfriend of three years, Rosala, had broken up.

Alejandro wrote in Spanish, “During all these years, you’ve been a part of both my professional successes and the happy times I’ve had with my partner.” “I never thought I’d be in a situation where I’d have to talk about something so personal in public.”

After Rauw Broke Up With Rosala He Started Dating Camila:

After Rauw broke up with his girlfriend Rosala, it was said that he had started dating Camila, who is 26 years old. They were seen going out together. But someone who knows her well tells, “It’s 100% not true.”

In the statement, which he posted on all of his social media accounts, the “Lokera” singer confirms that he and Rosala have broken up.

They started dating in 2019 after messaging each other for months on social media and meeting for the first time at a Las Vegas hotel lounge throughout the Latin Grammys. The couple told Billboard in an interview for their cover story that they fell in love at first sight.

“Yes, Rosi and I broke up a few months ago,” Rauw said next in his statement. “There are a lot of reasons why a relationship can end, but in our scenario, it wasn’t because of cheating or another individual.

During the time I’m taking to process everything, there have been untrue public accusations. Because I respect her, our families, and everything we’ve ever done together, I couldn’t stay quiet and let them try to destroy the most genuine romantic story God has ever let me live.

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According To Rauw They Are Dating In The Music Video For BESO Which Is The Part Of Their EP RR:

I have nothing else to say, so I just want to thank my friends for being there. The artists said they were dating within the music video for “Beso,” which was part of their EP RR, which came out in March and had three songs.

Rauw said that he and his “BESO” partner had broken apart on the 26th of July, yet he said that they had actually broken up months earlier, not long after they announced they were getting married in March.

“Yes, Rosi and I broke up a few months ago,” he wrote within Spanish upon Instagram Stories. He then called out the “false public rumors” that have come up since their breakup.

Rauw Stated That In Our Case There Is Not Any Third Party Or Cheating There Are A Lot Of Things:

Rauw said, “There are a lot of things that might have led to a breakup, but it wasn’t because of a third party or cheating in our case.”

“Because I respect her, our loved ones, and the entirety of what we went through together, I couldn’t keep quiet and let them try to ruin the story of the very real love God has let me experience,” the artist wrote.

“I never thought I’d be in a situation where I’d have to talk to the public about something that is so personal to me.”

Just Four Months Ago Couple Said They Are Going To Married:

Just four months ago, the power couple said they were going to get married. This week, news came out that they had broken up. They were together for three years before they met again at the 2019 Latin Grammys in Las Vegas.

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Rosala and Rauw released RR, a three-song EP, together in March. It was a public and emotional look at their relationship, which they talked about in a joint Billboard cover tale. One of the songs, “Beso,” had a music video that also told people they were getting married.

“I’m glad to be your partner, and I also would like to be there for you, Sabes.” Rosala told Rauw this in March when she talked to Billboard. “And I feel like you’re there for me no matter what I do for a living.

Everything else comes after our connection, in my mind. Of course, my job is very important to me, but you’re the most important thing in my life. Everything else ranks second.”