After the cancellation of E3 2022, is the fair doomed or will it return with more force in 2023?


Even before the pandemic there were doubts about the future of the great US video game convention.

The present does not give us respite this week. After asking you this Tuesday about whether PlayStation’s new PS Plus could compete with Xbox Game Pass, we summon you again for another debate, this time about the cancellation of E3 2022 scheduled for June. More specifically, we want to know your opinion on whether this is a see you later or a goodbye, taking into account all the questions about its celebration these years.

Yes, the organization has already confirmed its desire to come back stronger next year, taking advantage of this year of impasse to regroup and find a way to make E3 the great center for the video game industry that it once was. But doubts about its format are not newnor do they come for this post-pandemic world.

After the cancellation of E3 2022, is the fair doomed or will it return with more force in 2023?

In January 2020, when Covid-19 still sounded exotic to us, PlayStation confirmed its non-attendance at E3 2020 despite having to present a new console that year. Others, such as Electronic Arts, have been betting for a long time on holding parallel events. And in the background, Geoff Keighleypresenter of The Game Awards, who walked out of the convention claiming that he did not feel comfortable participating.

Before the pandemic, PlayStation had already given up on E3Technology hasn’t done E3 well either, with the emergence of online formats like Nintendo Direct where little by little the on-site presence of the public and digital press is becoming less relevant when it comes to showing your products. The pandemic has promoted this model more, having in the aforementioned Geoff Keighley one of its greatest promoters through the Summer Game Fest, which will return this summer.

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The debate is served. From writing we want to know your opinion about the future of the once main world video game fair, is it doomed or will it know how to recover its greatness? We remind you that you can participate from the comment box of this publication, or through the discussion channel of the 3DJuegos server in Discord.

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