After the rising demand in the party, will Rahul Gandhi take charge of the Congress again? Got this answer …

There is a demand for change of leadership in the Congress these days. Many senior Congress leaders want to see Sonia Gandhi as Rahul Gandhi once again as the party chief. Please tell that after taking the responsibility of defeat after the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post of party president. Meanwhile, according to an interview given to a book, Rahul Gandhi has said that ‘he does not need to become Congress president to work to strengthen the party.’ Rahul Gandhi’s decision has also been supported by sister Priyanka. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi also believes that ‘one non-Gandhi’ should be appointed as the party president. Also Read – In the PM-Cayers case, Nadda targeted Rahul, said, the court turned water on crooked plans

A new book ‘India Tomorrow’ has come out after Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, in which they have been told about their thinking after talking to future leaders. Referring to the book, Priyanka Gandhi said, “There are so many capable people to lead the party.” He said, “If there had been another party president, he would have been my boss.” If he wanted me to live tomorrow not in Uttar Pradesh but in Andaman and Nicobar (islands), I would have lived there. ‘ Also Read – Facebook Reaction on BJP leaders ‘Ignore Hate Speech’, said this thing …

At the same time, when Rahul Gandhi was asked what would he do if the party asked him to become the president again? In response to the question, the Congress leader said, “I am here, standing for the Congress party and ready to fight for it, because I believe in the party.” I do not need to become Congress president to fight for the party or work to strengthen it. ‘ Also Read – Sonia’s attack on Modi government, said- Government stands against constitutional values ​​and democratic system

Rahul said, ‘It is very clear in my mind that I am accountable for the loss of 2019 (general election) and I had to step down as a result.’ Asked whether the decision was supported by the family Was it? The former Congress president said, “We discussed it as a family and listened to mother and sister.” He appreciated my decision. ‘

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