After Two Years Of Marriage, Jeezy Files For A Divorce From Jeannie Mai Jenkins


After Two Years Of Marriage, Jeezy Files For A Divorce From Jeannie Mai Jenkins:

The rapper, who is 45 years old, asked for a divorce from The Real host, who is 44 years old, upon Thursday within Atlanta, Georgia, according to papers that PEOPLE got. The pair had been married for 2 1/2 years and had signed a prenuptial agreement.

In his statement, Jeezy says that the pair is “currently residing in a bona fide state of separation” as well as that their marriage was “irretrievably broken” alongside “no hope for reconciliation.”

In 2019, Jeezy as well as the former co-host of The Real made their relationship, which had been talked about for a long time, public on Instagram. By April 2020, they were engaged, and they had a small wedding at their home in Georgia barely a year later.

Mai talked to Entertainment Tonight about how she and Jeezy plan to live as a married couple not long after their wedding. Even though Mai stated she “loved” the “dating life” part of her years-long relationship with Jeezy, things only got better when they “took the plunge.”

The Paper Additionally Says That The Rapper Seeks To Share Shared Legal Care Of The Couple’s Daughter:

“As well as now that we’re wed, it has to be handled with even more care because we’re both in our 40s and grew up in homes where the marriages weren’t healthy,” she said. “We’ve never seen that before,” they said.

In the paper, it additionally says that the artist wants to share formal care of the couple’s daughter with her mother. When asked for comments, neither side’s representatives got back to us right away. The news first came out in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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In March, they went on a surprise trip to Vietnam, which Jenkins planned for her spouse as a “long-awaited journey.” Jeezy was going to pop the question within Hoi An, Vietnam, within April 2020. However, COVID canceled the trip, so he had to change his plans.

When Jeezy Asked Me To Marry Him, He Made His Apartment Look Like Hoi:

“When Jeezy asked me to marry him, he made his apartment look such as Hoi An. “When we finally got to Hoi An for the first time, that brought the recollections of our engagement full circle,” Jenkins stated of their anniversary trip.

Jenkins said in November, “We’d both been through enough in our lives to agree that love should feel safe, honest, as well as pure.” “Right away, there was a powerful pull.

We are both very interested in the same things. So, since we both like having a reason, we’ll find an opportunity to do this together.”

Jenkins was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars in 2020. On Disney Night, she did a special dance for Jeezy to the song “Married Life” from the Disney-Pixar movie Up.

I Loved Dating Her Because We Spent So Much Time Together Getting To Know One Another Well:

“When we were going out, I put on a show for him. “This movie is how I want us to grow old together,” she said, adding, “I chose this dance because J was the love of my life, and from the moment we met, I pictured the beginning of this movie.”

As soon as I met J, I was eager to grow old and live happily ever after with him. She said, “I really liked dating him because we spent so much time coming to know one another and making sure we were correct for each other.”

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“And given that we’re married, it has to be treated with even more care because we’re both in our 40s and grew up in homes where the parents didn’t have a good marriage. We’ve not seen what that sounds like.”

That Little Individual Has Opened My Eyes To A Whole New Way Of Looking At The World:

In December, she said, “That little individual has completely woken me up to see the world within a whole new way.” “What’s crazy is that my daughter makes me feel so sure of myself. As a mom, I like myself more.

I like getting out and taking care of someone else, like her, and seeing how the things we’ve worked tirelessly to teach her are finally sinking in. I just can’t believe that’s a big deal. I wasn’t aware of that.”