Ahsoka’s Disney+ Show Got A Rating That Didn’t Surprise Anyone


Ahsoka’s Disney+ Show Got A Rating That Didn’t Surprise Anyone:

The rating for the new Disney+ series Ahsoka was recently announced, and fans of Star Wars streaming shows won’t be surprised.

Ahsoka Tano has been a main figure in the Star Wars world for a long time. Now, Rosario Dawson will play the Jedi fighter Ahsoka Tano in her own series, along with other characters from the fan-favorite Togruta’s past.

The show looks like a mix of The Mandalorian and Star Wars Rebels, with hints of something new thrown in here and there.

On Sunday, A Fresh Promo For The Movie Ahsoka Came Out:

It will be about Ahsoka as she “tries to find the bad guy Thrawn” and seems to be following in her master Anakin Skywalker’s ways by training a new Jedi Knight.

On Sunday, a new sneak video for the Disney+ show Ahsoka came out. In it, 42-year-old Christensen was seen playing both Luke Skywalker and his other character, Darth Vader.

“Everyone within the order knows Anakin Skywalker,” says Baylan Skoll, who was played through the late Ray Stevenson within the original Star Wars fiction series. He says this at the beginning of the video. “Few people would live to witness what he became.”

Ahsoka Tano Is Played By Rosario Dawson:

Rosario Dawson, 43, who plays Ahsoka Tano, says, “Before the conclusion of the Clone Wars, I moved away from him as well as the Jedi.” Then, a montage of lightsaber fights is shown, followed by a close-up of Ahsoka and the words “A new Jedi will rise.”

“As your master, it’s my job to get you ready,” says Christensen as a series of pictures of Ahsoka fighting in a fierce battle flash on the screen. “Do not worry. Ahsoka, I know you are capable of this,” he says.

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The video also shows Mary Elizabeth Winstead to be Hera Syndulla, who Ahsoka will work with to fight the danger to the galaxy, along with Sabine Natasha Liu Bordizzo as they look for their companion Ezra Bridger Eman Esfandi.

Dawson Has Been Ahsoka Tano Within The Mandalorian Before:

Dawson has played Ahsoka Tano in two other movies, The Mandalorian as well as The Book of Boba Fett, yet this time she is the main character.

Back in April, Disney+ also shared key art of Ahsoka in preparation for the Aug. 23 launch of the show, which takes place five decades shortly after the fall of the Galactic Empire, which was shown in 1983’s Return of the Jedi.

Ray Stevenson died in May at the age of 58. After his death, he will play a character in the series that he called “stoically lethal” at the Star Wars Celebration event in April.

“There’s nothing scary regarding Baylan,” Stevenson said regarding his role as Baylan Skroll. “I think it will be interesting to see where this journey leads and the way it affects his journey,” he said.

Ahsoka Will Be On Disney Plus:

“Basically, if you’re in his way, he’ll ask you nicely to move, and if you don’t, he’ll get rid of you.” Stevenson added that Baylan, who uses a red blade in the new peek video, is not evil.

Ahsoka is about to start on Disney+, and Rosario Dawson will be back to play the former Jedi who left the Order because the Council wasn’t confident in her.

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But even though an upcoming Star Wars series could appear thrilling Dave Filoni’s latest project should avoid a few problems that have shown up in other space adventures on the platform within recent years.

Ahsoka Makes An Effort To Help Herself And The World As Much As She Can:

When it started in 2019, The Mandalorian possessed a lot of promise, but recent cameos and other distractions have stopped it from reaching the potential the company wanted it to.

Before the prequels showed us that the Jedi Order had a lot of problems as an organization, Ahsoka’s Ark would go on to be expanded on and explored more in Clone Wars. This is the way the Jedi were portrayed within the original Star Wars movies.

Ahsoka’s journey now, as she mostly travels the world alone and tries to do the best she can for herself and the universe, could bring us back to a view of the Jedi that is more like that than anything we saw of her within Rebels or Clone Wars.

The Different Parts Of The Star Wars Universe Have Always Been Linked Together:

There is no doubt that the Star Wars world has always been linked, especially since Disney bought the brand in 2012.

But given where the series is now, it would be ideal for new stories set in the same world as the Skywalker Saga to focus on the emotional arcs of their characters instead of making references to other stories.

Even though the future of the series is beginning to take shape, the present is more important than ever for Star Wars, unless the company is ready to risk losing the attention of the general public in their world.

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Dave Filoni Is In Charge Of A New Movie In The Franchise That Will Be Shown In Theaters:

At this year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe, it was reported that Dave Filoni will be directing a new movie in the property that will be shown in theaters. This movie will wrap up the storylines from The Mandalorian live-action series.

Din Djarin, Boba Fett, Grand Admiral Thrawn, as well as Ahsoka herself are all thought to be in the movie based on how important they have been to the story so far, but that doesn’t mean people should care about that right now.

If there isn’t anything that makes people care regarding the character now, there will not be much to be concerned regarding when the movie finally comes out.

Filoni As Well As Jon Favreau Have Been Very Busy Putting The Adventure’s Roots Down:

In hindsight, the story that started with Din Djarin shows that Filoni and Jon Favreau did a lot to set up the next adventure. They did this by planting the seeds for the final confrontation between the heroes of Mandalore as well as the people who want to make the Empire like it was when Darth Vader was around.

But maybe The Mandalorian stopped paying attention to what was going on in the present because he thought too much about what would happen next.

And if Ahsoka wishes to get people excited about the new movie, it must have faith in the Force while offering people a main character they are invested about.