Al Andalus 711 makes us travel to the Spain of the Middle Ages in an adventure with a date for PC


This visual novel will take players back to the early years of the Islamic presence on the peninsula.

Al Andalus 711: Epic history battle game

Among the upcoming Steam releases is Al Andalus 711: Epic history battle game, a video game that we hadn’t heard of until today and that is based on the premise of taking the player to the Iberian Peninsula at the beginning of the 8th century. It is presented as a visual novel, and will be ready on August 5 in the Valve store.

Al Andalus 711: Epic history battle tells the story of Theudis, a young fisherman from Malacca in the Visigothic era who from one day to the next finds himself in the position of face a large army of the Umayyad Caliphate landing in the Spain of those years. “Will Theudis be able to sabotage his enemies, escape from them, or engage in great battles to stop the invasion? Only you can decide!”

Such a story gives rise to a journey through a medieval world full of puzzles and riddles where you will learn more about the society of Al Andalus, where you will explore a land of highly realistic environments. At stake is nothing less than changing history.

Through its purchase form we can see an extensive gallery of images, where the use of different Unreal Engine 5 assets is made clear, perhaps leaving the Spain of those days an aspect more similar to that of other countries in latitudes further north.

Developed by Dnc Games Al Andalus 711: Epic history battle does not yet have a sale price set on Steam. His announcement takes us back to one of the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors campaigns starring El Cid, as well as Tzar, who also set one of his stories around the time of The Reconquest.

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