Alabama Barker Responds To Comments About Her Weight And Says She Has An Autoimmune Disease


Alabama Barker Responds To Comments About Her Weight And Says She Has An Autoimmune Disease:

Alabama Barker clapped again at people who shamed her body on TikTok after spy photos of her with her dad Travis Barker and stepmom Kourtney Kardashian went viral.

In pictures from Sunday, Kourtney, 44, wore all black to show off her baby bump, while Alabama went to the matcha run in black sweatpants, a zip-up sweater, and shoes.

“Paparazzi would purposely snap pictures of you alongside your mouth open, within the middle of a sentence, as well as any other ugly photograph they have of you just for viewpoints,” Alabama said.

Alabama Said She Has A Problem With Her Thyroid As Well As An Autoimmune Aisease:

“I’d love if you guys receive random photos taken of you when you’re left the grocery store, within the midst of a sentence, alongside your mouth wide open, so we can see how lovely you look.”

Alabama went on to say that she has “a thyroid problem as well as an autoimmune disease,” both of which make her gain weight.

“So, it would have been great if you guys were to keep your views to yourself,” she said. “It’ll help you get further in life.”

Alabama said that her health is still her top concern and that, “Once my thyroid has stabilized as well as my autoimmune disease is under control, I will be back to my typical weight, which is what is causing my weight gain.”

Alabama Increased 5 To 10 Pounds Because Of A Problem With Her Thyroid And An Autoimmune Disease:

But the “Heartbreaker” singer said that gaining “five to ten pounds” is normal, which constitutes one of the primary explanations for why she’s speaking out.

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After saying that her weight “changes,” Alabama stated she hoped that any young girls who see her video and are “gaining weight” would never “think there’s something wrong alongside it.”

“At some point, if your health becomes worse because of it, you need to alter it, but no. That’s not true for me, and I’d appreciate it if you guys could put yourselves in my place,” Alabama said as a final thought.

Alabama Got Some Bad Reviews For A Rap Tune She Put Out In May:

Alabama has utilized TikTok to defend herself in the past. Most recently, she did this when she was criticized for the rap tune she put out in May.

In a video that has since been taken down, she stated that she was “tired” of haters saying she didn’t know anything regarding the genre as well as told fans that she was upon the road alongside Barker, 47, when he played with Nicki Minaj as well as Rick Ross in 2011.

Alabama ended her film alongside a message of understanding, saying, “There’s a point where if it’s hurting your health, you need to change it, but that’s not the case for me, as well as I’d appreciate it if you guys could put yourselves in my shoes.”

“I’ve been in the music business since I could walk. I saw my dad play within punk bands, rock bands, rap shows, and everything else,” Alabama said in the video that was seen before it seemed to be taken down.

Alabama Got A New Cross Tattoo On Her Finger As A Tribute To Her Maternal Grandparents, Who Both Died Within A Few Months Of Each Other:

“You guys also act like I’ve gained 1,000 pounds, but it’s only like 5 or 10 pounds, which was so normal for a lot of girls.

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Weight changes, and I don’t want any young girls watching this who are putting on weight to ever think there’s something wrong alongside it,” Barker stated before requesting her followers to imagine themselves in her shoes.

“So, if you say, ‘Oh, she doesn’t understand anything regarding rap music,’ that’s because she wasn’t brought up with it.

Why does she act this way? Why does she do that? Throughout my whole life, rap and punk rock have been important to me.

This month, Alabama showed off a new cross tattoo on her finger. This is a memorial to her mother’s parents, who died a few months apart.

John Moakler’s father died earlier this month, seven months after Gail Moakler’s mother. Alabama labeled a picture of her tattoo, “For my grandparents,” with those words.

In June, Alabama’s Stepmother Told Travis’ Blink-182 Shows That She Was Pregnant:

The budding singer will soon have a new family member. In June, her stepmother made a big announcement that she was pregnant at one of Travis’ Blink-182 shows. Kourtney stood within the crowd and held up a sign that said, “Travis, I’m pregnant!” in a very famous way.

The touching moment wasn’t all Kourtney’s idea, though. It seemed to be a nod to the band’s music video for their 1999 smash song “All the Small Things,” in which a bikini-clad fan waves a sign with the same message.

Soon after, the pair had a gender reveal party with a musical theme, where they found out they were having a boy. Travis as well as Kourtney sat behind a drum set as a small group of people watched the drummer play a drum roll.

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Scott Disick Was Kourtney’s Ex Boyfriend The Two Of Them Have Three Children Together:

After the last crash of a drum, blue fireworks and banners shot out to show that they would be having a boy. Kourtney and her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick have three kids together: Mason Dash, 13, Penelope Scotland, 11, as well as Reign Aston, 8.

Travis, on the other hand, still lives in Alabama with his 19-year-old son Landon and his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler. Oscar de la Hoya is the real father of his 24-year-old niece, Atiana.