Alert: AIIMS Director’s Warning – We need to be careful, the third wave of Corona has already begun?


new Delhi: The outbreak of the Corona epidemic, which is subsiding in European countries and America, is once again spreading rapidly. On the same lines, cases of corona infection have also started increasing rapidly in the national capital Delhi. In view of this, the discussion has intensified whether the third wave of Corona is coming in the country. In this regard, Dr. Guleria, the director of AIIMS, has issued a statement. Guleria is the same person who predicted before the lockdown that the lockdown could be implemented across the country. Also Read – Video: Hundreds of people arrived in the procession of Corona Guide Lines, in the procession of Eid-e-Miladunnabi

While issuing a statement, Guleria has clearly denied that the third wave of Corona has arrived in the country. He said that there is still another wave which has intensified once again. On the constantly increasing data of corona infection, he said that the main reason behind it is not taking precautions and laxity in it. He said that social distancing is being disregarded by the people. In this case, the cases are increasing continuously. If we do not take care, more cases will come. Also Read – Recovery After Coronavirus: New Health Problems After Kovid, Doctors Worried

Also, he has considered the poor air quality and weather of Delhi as the responsibility behind it. They say that due to pollution, viral stays in the air for a long time and is affecting people. He cited the Europeans and other countries, saying that it is mandatory to apply masks during the epidemic. He also said that you should avoid going out of the house without doing any necessary work. He warned that if we do not take precautions, more cases of corona will be seen. Also Read – India Covid-19 Updates: Nearly 49 thousand new cases of corona in last 24 hours, active cases below 6 lakh

Guleria said that if people are going out of their homes, then it is important that they follow the rules, wear masks and follow social distancing. It is a good thing that even before Diwali, the peak of Corona has reduced. But one needs to be more vigilant for the next few weeks. Let us know that the festival of Deepawali is going to come in the country. In such a situation, a strict order has been issued by the Supreme Court that only green crackers will be burnt and sold in Delhi. Because at the time of Diwali, havoc of smog can be seen in Delhi. During this time the air becomes slow due to which the air of one place does not go to another. In this case, the risk of increasing corona infection will be much higher.


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