All collectibles from the Fields in Kena: Bridge of Spirits


You might be nearly on the finish of the Kena: Bridge of Spirits journey and there are simplest two spaces left for all of the collectibles you probably have accurately adopted all our guides. Right through your excursion in fields, You’ll undergo other spaces that some are blocked, however later they’re going to be unlocked, giving method to more than a few collectibles.

All Warehouse collectibles in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Collectibles from Kena: Bridge of Spirits are a number of: Rot, Hats, Flower Shrines, Spirit Mail, Cursed Chests and Meditation Puts. On this information we deliver you the site of each and every of them in fields, which might allow you to to finish all of the assortment.

All Rot of the Fields in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Inside the Fields there are a complete of 25 Rot to assemble. No longer they all may also be discovered from the primary second you arrive within the space, however be affected person that you’re going to no longer achieve each and every of them in any respect.



From the warp stone, pass to the stone at the proper. Use the bomb to go into and entire the cursed chest and you’ll have the Rot as a praise.


In the similar previous space, use the woodland tear to revive the entrance gardens. A Rot is in a lawn pumpkin.


Cross alongside the trail and use the woodland tear at the space that you just see with corruption. Get nearer to the blue flower, a Rot is hiding beneath some plates.


From the path head down the hill and around the stone bridge and the damaged picket bridge. At the proper is a stone that you’ll bombard and beneath is a Rot.


From the damaged picket bridge, flip left on the junction and pass to the ruined construction at the proper. Battle enemies, climb the stairs and on the best is the Rot.


From the picket rot bridge, to the left there are some enemies. Get rid of them and get rid of the corruption of the lawn with the tear. A Rot hides in a pumpkin.


To the northwest of the Campos space, there’s a trail that takes you to an arch and there’s a stone that breaks at the left. Use the bomb and the Rot will seem.


From the doorway of the tower, pass round it at the proper. Use the bomb to levitate the large stones and use your bow to get with reference to them. You’ll see extra stones to bombard and proper at the back of is the Rot.


Whilst you climb the tower, you come back to a big stone circle. Turn on the crystals to open the steps within the circle. Descend thru this circle till you achieve the battle zone and whilst you end, the Rot is in the fitting nook.


After clearing the corruption from the Historic Neatly, you’ll pass out into an elevator. If you happen to stay shifting ahead there’s a Rot beneath.


Whilst you go away the former space, you discover a battle in a ruined space. Face the enemies and input the home. On the best use some bombs at the rocks and leap, use the bow and stay leaping. Flip the rocks and head again to the home to discover a Rot in a chest.


From the tower front, head northwest in opposition to the barn. To the left are a number of platforms within the water. Use a platform to visit the again of the barn and you’ll see the Rot.


After promoting mini-boss Rufus, blank up the corruption, use the bomb at the rocks to make platforms and on best of this can be a Rot.


From that very same position, pass down. Beneath the second one bridge forward there’s a chest with a Rot within.


After cleansing up the corruption from the Watchtower space, make it to the highest. Shoot all of the goals and as a praise you’ll have a Rot.


In the similar space above, use a bomb on a collection of rocks. Cross up and glance in opposition to the prime tower, you’ll see a blue flower within a space. Use the bow and within you’ll have a chest with a Rot.

# 17, # 18 and # 19

You obtain those 3 Rot whilst you gain the Ox Relic.


After Rufus has cleared all of the method to the forge, head up the hill and shoot all of the goals along with your bow to obtain the Rot.


Upper up at the trail to the Forge, flow thru a decrease space. At the left is a room with a Rot beneath a picket publish.


After the use of the rocks and bombs to get again up, there’s a trail. Cross left to search out the Rot in entrance of you.

# 23, # 24 and # 25

Whilst you arrive on the forge, you’ll face a mini-boss. Whilst you end the struggle you’ll obtain those 3 Rot.

All Nation Hats in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Within the village there are a complete of 10 hats. No longer they all are bought from chests, others may also be discovered on account of getting rid of corruption or finishing a puzzle.


From the trailhead, head to the home at the proper. Cross to the again and use the bomb at the rocks to discover a chest with the hat within.

Pancake Hat


Cross to the home that has a lawn, blank the corruption with the tear of the woodland. In one among them a pumpkin will develop, the place you’ll get Rot quantity 2 and the hat.

Pumpkin Hat


You’ll get this hat as a praise for putting the 3 misplaced owls at the trail.

Egg Hat


It’s the praise for finishing the goals of the Cursed Chest quantity 2.

Cowboy Hat


It’s unlocked simplest via interacting with the Hat Cart within the space.

Sun Hat


Cross down the hill and move the stone bridge. To the fitting there’s a construction close to the casca, upon coming into you’ll see a chest with the hat.

Ox Hat


On the front of the tower, pass proper to search out some large stones that it’s important to grow to be into platforms with bombs. Do that, then use the blue flower to move them and use extra bombs to create platforms. Leap to the ledge that results in the chest.

Autumn Hat

Adira Masks

You get it whilst you defeat the corrupt boss within the space.

Adira hat


On the front of the tower, pass left to discover a picket cupboard with blue artwork. Cross down and get Rot quantity 8 and at the back of the stone there’s a chest with the hat.

Giraosl Hat


From the forge, pass to the principle a part of the construction and on the best proper there’s a blue flower to move you with the bow. Do it to get to the hat chest.

Halo hat

All Fields Flower Sanctuaries in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There’s a overall of 7 flower shrines, which it is important to blank the corruption as a way to get admission to them.



From the doorway of the forge, simply down the hill at the proper is a Flower Shrine subsequent to the only space.


From the start of the Campos, down the principle street there’s a nation space in ruins with a Flower Sanctuary simply at the back of it at the proper.


From the Rufus space, pass down the trail and move the picket bridge. Move the river to the left and practice the trail to climb some steps and in finding the Flower Sanctuary.


In a space the place it’s important to take away corruption with a woodland tear, you face flying enemies and in case you proceed there’s a damaged bridge with a Flower Shrine.


A flower shrine is true in Rufus’s barn.


On the front of the tower, pass down the trail and pass left to return around the Flower Sanctuary.


After preventing the Mum or dad of the Forge, glance to the fitting to peer a Flower Shrine.

All Fields Meditation Venues in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There might be 3 meditation puts to help you visualize the whole thing round you from a far brighter viewpoint.

First position

As you climb the prime tower, you achieve a ruined plateau the place it’s important to turn on 3 towers to open some stairs, leap there and on a wall dangle directly to the ledge. Once you pass up you’ll see where of meditation.

Meditate 1

2d position

From the doorway of the Forge, forget about the elevator and pass to the farthest space. You’ll see a spot that you’ll climb and move. Do that till you achieve a ledge that you’ll climb on. From right here, leap during the hollow within the ceiling and within the home is where of meditation.

Meditate 2

3rd position

After killing the Corrupt Boss within the space, the meditation position will seem in entrance of you.

Adira hat

All Cursed Chests from the Fields in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

A complete of 2 cursed chests They’ll be situated within the Campos space. If you happen to turn on them, you’ll have to combat in opposition to other enemies, however the praise might be value it.



From the doorway to the Campos, pass to the home at the proper with the rocks blocking off the door. Use the bomb to go into and there you’ll in finding the primary cursed chest.


From the Campo front, stay happening the trail to the during the tunnel. To the left is a space on a raised stage and there would be the 2nd cursed chest.

All non secular mails from the Fields in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There’ll simplest be a non secular mail within the Campos space. From the doorway of the Forge, pass left and practice a trail round it to move down some steps. On this cave, use the Rots with the tear of the woodland and turn on the platform, even though you’ll even have to make use of a bomb to create a bridge. When the water rises, pass left and you’ll see the non secular mail at the proper.



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