All the announcements and videos from the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct: Forza Motorsport, Redfall and much more


The Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct January 2023 is already underway, and Microsoft and its partners bring us all the news about games like Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and some last-minute surprises. And at IGN, as always, we tell you all the news that has been presented at the event of the North American company.

Minecraft Legends Has April Release Date And PVP Details Revealed

Minecraft Legends is the next action and strategy game set in the Minecraft universe, and today we have learned that It will go on sale on April 18.. Xbox has also shared all about the game’s PVP mode, which takes place in the same procedurally generated worlds as the single-player campaign. The gameplay shown shows many different strategies, such as building bases, recruiting units, and using the unique abilities of each class to take down the enemy team. Its developers have highlighted the versatility of roles that the player can assume when collaborating with his teammates. Each team will be made up of four members who must coordinate to finish off the rivals on duty.

Forza Motorsport details and gameplay revealed

Turn 10 Studios has shown new Forza Motorsport gameplay, which is scheduled for release in 2023. The developers have said that Forza Motorsport will feature 20 stages to race in, including all-time favorites and five new ones for this installment. all of them with the classic variations of circuits that the most serious competition franchise in the Xbox automotive scene is used to delivering. We have also seen a multitude of gameplay images in the race, which show the technical commitment that the studio is developing with this latest installment. The 4K and 60 fps promise to look amazing with its incredible ray tracing, and with the new techniques that they have implemented, to simulate the reflection of light, in the body paint of each of the more than 500 cars that we will be able to see. find in Forza Motorsport. The great sports bet on Xbox warms up to storm our living rooms sooner rather than later. Go take out the flyers.

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Hi-Fi Rush by Tango Gameworks is an action and rhythm game out today

In Hi-Fi Rush, everything moves to the beat of the music. This vibrant game of action and rhythm has been the great surprise of the direct that we have just witnessed, since coming to Game Pass today. The game comes from the hand of Tango Gameworksthe studio responsible for horror games like The Evil Within or the recent Ghostwire: Tokyo, which we received not so long ago. The new bet, without a doubt, represents a great change for the study, which has been characterized, until now, by delivering works linked to terror. However, his latest work, Ghostwire Tokyo, fully enters the field of action. On this occasion, with a gameplay that has nothing to do with his previous experiments, especially due to its cheerful tone, the developer is committed to an approach that directly links rhythm and action, and that has a rock soundtrack to the max. It is not mandatory to keep up, but you will be rewarded the better you do.

Redfall receives a generous gameplay trailer and confirms its release date

Redfall finally has a release date. The cooperative vampire shooter from Arkane and Bethesda will arrive on may 2. We’ve also been able to see some more of its gameplay, showing off Arkane’s signature level design, which allows players to approach combat situations in multiple ways. What is shown allows us to get an idea of ​​what the Dishonored team is going to propose with this new franchise that, despite seeming like an unnatural territory for the study, is taking shape and exposing its cards. Now, yes, we already know when we will leave doubts and we will be able to put our hands on Redfall.

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You can try all the previous chapters of Elder Scrolls Online for free

Xbox has presented to the new class of Elder Scrolls Online, the arcanist, and has shown its next big update which, as usual, comes loaded with content to continue extending the life of one of the online worlds that tends to arouse the most interest. The new chapter, titled Necrom, will take players back to Morrowind, a mythical land that fans are especially fond of. Additionally, Xbox has revealed that the previous 20 chapters and DLC will be free, so if you haven’t already, you can jump into the world of Elder Scrolls Online as long as you have access to the base game.