All The Dolls That Were Taken Off The Market That Were Shown Within Barbie Movie


All The Dolls That Were Taken Off The Market That Were Shown Within Barbie Movie:

The Barbie movie has a lot of Barbie’s as well as Kens, but Greta Gerwig’s colorful and detailed Barbie Land also has a lot of Easter eggs for the most dedicated fans. These include accessories, outfits, as well as some of the toys that Mattel has stopped making over the years that are almost forgotten.

Margot Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie meets some of the less popular Barbie dolls when she has a psychological crisis and goes to Weird Barbie’s house to complain about how the Kens have brainwashed her fellow beautiful Barbie’s into being lazy.

It’s among these “weird” Barbie’s as well as Kens that she works out how to save the day and get her world back, showing that everyone has a place within Barbie Land, regardless of how short-lived.

A lot of the actors in “Barbie” play various renditions of Barbie as well as Ken, but Michael Cera and Emerald Fennell, two important actors, play dolls called Allan and Midge, respectively.

Both of them are based upon real toys made by Mattel, the company that makes Barbie. The Allan as well as Midge dolls were made to be Barbie’s friends, but they were taken off the market and most people have forgotten about them until now.

At the conclusion of the “Barbie” movie, many more retired dolls help Stereotypical Barbie on her trip. These include Sugar Daddy Ken, Growing Up Skipper, as well as Earring Magic Ken.

From “Ken’s friend” Allan to pregnant Midge to almost forgotten dolls such as Video Girl Barbie as well as Sugar Daddy Ken, read upon for a real-life look at some of the discarded dolls that make special appearances in the Barbie movie.

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The Dog Tanner:

When Barbie goes back to Weird Barbie’s house, she sees another strange thing: a life-sized toy yellow Labrador that drops brown “poop” balls all over the floor. This is another thing that comes back from the Barbie vault.

Tanner was only upon sale for a year, from 2006 to 2007, before it was taken off.

As it turned out, the small pieces of plastic poop as well as the magnet inside the pooper scooper could be dangerous if they were swallowed. In the end, Taffy, another yellow lab, took his place in the Barbie story.

Video Girl Barbie:

Video Girl Barbie, one of the more recent Barbie’s that are no longer made, came out in 2010 and was aimed at “aspiring filmmakers.” The doll had a camera as well as a video screen made into her back, which was on her collar.

Authorities were also worried, and when the idea that the doll could be used to make child pornography became a public issue, she was taken off the market in 2012.

Magic Earring Ken:

On the other hand, Mattel’s marketing team might have always known what they were doing. When it came out in 1993, Earring Magic Ken was said to be based on the rave culture of the early 1990s, also known as gay culture, and it showed.

The doll comes wearing a lavender mesh shirt, a purple pleather vest, and golden blonde hair. Right away, conservatives were upset about everything from the fact that his left ear was pierced to the shape of his collar.

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Simply six months after it came out, the doll was taken off the shelves and recalled, yet Earring Magic Ken remains a gay icon as well as according to some stories, is still the best-selling Ken within Barbie history.

He shows up in Weird Barbie’s house with his queer-coded Palm Springs version. The English actor Tom Stourton plays him in the movie.

Sugar Daddy Ken:

Sugar Daddy Ken was released within 2009 as a component of Barbie’s “Palm Beach” line. He came with a smart suit, flower swim shorts, as well as a West Highland Terrier puppy. This could be proof that there wasn’t a single LGBTQ+ person employed by Mattel marketing at the time.

When people complained about the name, Mattel said the dog’s name was Sugar, which made Ken “Sugar’s Daddy.”

But it wasn’t enough to convince anyone, as well as the doll was eventually taken off the market. However, Welsh actor Rob Brydon plays him in the Barbie movie, where he has a fun, if protective, role.

Growing Up Skipper:

Growing Up Skipper was the version of Barbie’s little sister that came out in 1975. It was one of the most surprising toys to ever hit store shelves.

Growing Up Skipper, played through Hannah Khalique-Brown within the movie, is different from her peers because she actually grows up in more than one way. When her left arm was turned, the doll got taller and her chest got bigger.


Midge was one of Barbie’s closest companions, but when she got pregnant, things got more difficult. Midge came out in 1963 to be Barbie’s best friend. At first, she looked and dressed more like a “girl next door” than her best friend did.

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After being out of style for a while, Midge was brought back in the 1980s and sold to be Barbie’s closest companion till 2002, when a pregnant version of Midge came out with a magnetic belly that could be taken off and a baby that could be taken off.

Different things about the doll made parents angry. Some people said she encouraged teens to get pregnant, and others stated the doll delivered the wrong message regarding family values and being a single parent.

No matter what happened, that was the final episode of Midge until 2013’s Barbie Life within the Dreamhouse, in which Emerald Fennell played the role for Barbie with a wink.


He is Ken’s friend. Allan was first made available in 1964 to go with Ken. “All of Ken’s clothes fit him!” was a big selling point for parents at the time, which led to a lot of jokes regarding the possible relationships between the men in Barbie Land.

But in the story of Barbie dolls, Allan was usually emotionally involved with Midge, who was Barbie’s best friend. In the early 2000s, the couple was sold as a double-date set or simply as a component of a “Happy Family” collection.

But, as the movie shows, Allan has never been as famous as Ken, as well as the last form of him came out in 2014 as part of a set for the 50th anniversary.