All the news from Animal Crossing New Horizons in April, including the Coti Conejal event


Animal Crossing: New Horizons still riding the wave and indeed is about to receive its April update, which will take place on March 18 And it will be accompanied, first of all, by a commemorative cake for the first anniversary of last year’s most important launch on Nintendo Switch.

The news

The arrival of spring will be noticed in the Animal Crossing islands with a multitude of new objects that will come to ratify the change of season. Input, a whole series of new outfits, related to the theme of graduations, will be added.

Now, the management of the appearance of our charismatic avatars becomes, little by little, more comfortable. With this update the NookPhone app also gets up to speed with a major enhancement package ranging from photo support to a greater degree of customization and possibility of using Nook Miles in the Resident Services Area.

On the other hand, this update does not forget about Amiibo cards and, if we look at the Sanrio Collaboration Pack, we can confirm that they will contribute new objects from the 26th of this month, among which those based on the Hello Kitty universe stand out. In addition, and always through these letters, you will also be able to access famous people like Rita or Toby himself.

Coti Conejal is back

Finally, and considering that we are talking about an Easter update, could not miss the never enough hated Coti Conejal: a rabbit that is, for many players, little less than a sweetened nightmare, but that, nevertheless, goes on time to its annual appointment with the traditional festival. The event will take place from April 4, at which time we can go to Nook’s store to get a commemorative object or start collect eggs with which to start practicing DIY.

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Winter is over, and continue to receive news for our beloved islands, one year after its launchIt’s a good way to celebrate the change of season, don’t you think?