All The News From San Diego Comic-Con 2023


All The News From San Diego Comic-Con 2023:

There are a lot of people at the San Diego Convention Center on the first day of this year’s much-anticipated Comic-Con.

As early as Thursday, people began to gather, which could be seen in the Gaslamp District as well as other parts of downtown. This event, which is sold out, is anticipated to draw approximately 60,000 people a day and up to 200,000 people for the whole weekend.

If you couldn’t go to SDCC this year, don’t worry. IGN was there in person at SDCC 2023 and brought everyone the most significant news from the event.

Check out our different report if you’re interested to learn more regarding the souvenirs and figures that were revealed at SDCC. Jones stayed upbeat about the event, even though big companies dropped out this year because of the current writers strike in Hollywood.

“This is one of San Diego’s biggest events every year, and I’m glad to be here. And we’re hoping that people within Hollywood can come to an agreement that works for everyone, so they can come back to San Diego Comic-Con and the big show can go on,” Jones said.

Within the Gaslamp Quarter, on the other hand, Thursday morning was exciting as hundreds of cosplayers came together.

Season 2 Of Invincible:

The day before SDCC started, IGN gave away an exclusive picture for the highly anticipated second season of the adult cartoon show Invincible on Prime Video.

The only date we have is “coming soon,” but the show’s author, Robert Kirman, will be at SDCC to talk about the second season on July 21 at 5:45 p.m. PT as part of a panel.

From “The Walking Dead”:

Another piece of news that came out a day before SDCC came from Skybound Games. The company announced that it is making a new The Walking Dead-themed online social trickery survival game.

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In The Walking Dead: Betrayl, players will try to stay alive during an outbreak of zombies. They will make, cook, stay alive, talk to their party members, and perhaps even lie a little bit along the way.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal will come out later this year as well as will only be available on Steam for PC. On August 10, there will be a closed private test.

The Boys, Generation V:

Before San Diego Comic-Con 2023, Amazon Studios teased that its college-themed TV show would come out in September.

But upon the initial day of the gathering, the company announced that GenV would start with three shows on September 29 and end its first season on November 3.

Diablo IV:

During a chat with us, Diablo IV’s assistant game director Joe Piepiora talked about the break deaths that hardcore players have been having while playing the game.

Piepiora said that the Scroll of Escape might be able to solve the problem. But Piepiora also said that in the first season of Diablo IV, Blizzard has implemented a number of changes to speed that are going to improve connections.

Piepiora also went into more detail about how Blizzard came up with the controversial drop rate for the highly sought-after Uber Unique items in Diablo 4.

The Borderlands:

The live-action version of Borderlands that will be made by Lionsgate Films will come out on August 9, 2024. The movie was announced in 2015, and Eli Roth is writing and directing it.

Adventure Time:

Adventure Time: Fionna as well as Cake, a version of the popular cartoon show on Cartoon Network, will start on August 31. We found out when the show would come out and saw the first clip for it.

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Three New Invasion Episodes:

Disney said that the first three parts of Marvel’s Secret Invasion will be available on Hulu for a short time beginning tomorrow, July 21st, as well as will be taken off Hulu on August 17.

The US Will Start Airing Pokemon Ultimate Journeys On September 8.

Ash Ketchum and his friend Pikachu have been the main characters in the Pokemon series for 25 years. In Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, they will say goodbye to the fans they’ve been with all this time.

The series first ran in Japan, but on September 8, fans within the United States will finally be able to watch Ash’s last story arc.

New 20-Minute Mutant Ninja Turtles Video:

Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures chose to show more than 20 minutes of brand-new footage from their planned cartoon TMNT movie.

Even though we have a story that goes into more detail about what was shown at the panel, it will give away a lot of the movie’s plot before it comes out on August 2.

Without giving anything away, the SDCC clip started with the footage that IGN showed for the first time last week. You can see it up there.

Season 4 Trailer For Harley Quinn:

The fourth season of Harley Quinn starts in less than a week, as well as Warner Bros. Discovery shared an updated promo for the show before it starts.

Harley Quinn was shown for the first time in a new video that was shown for the first time at SDCC. The show’s top producers also talked about some new details about the next season, like how they had to give Nightwing’s cheeks “some plump.”

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The Rights To The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series From 1987 Were Bought By Nickelodeon:

Nickelodeon revealed at the TMNT: Mutant Mayhem panel that it has ownership rights to all 193 episodes of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series, which ran from 1987 to 1996.

Sony Has Announced A Brand New PS5 As Well As Dual Sense Controller With A Spider-Man Theme:

As a tie-in for Spider-Man 2, scheduled to come out in a few months, Sony showed off a new Spider-Man-themed limited edition PS5.

The system and joystick are mostly black with some red accents. If you buy the bundle, you’ll also get a digital copy of Spider-Man 2. You can start pre-ordering the bundle next Friday, July 28.

New PS5 Game Based On Spider-Man:

As a tie-in for Spider-Man 2, which comes out in a few months, Sony showed off a new Spider-Man-themed limited edition PS5. The system and joystick are mostly black with some red accents.

If you buy the bundle, you’ll also get an electronic copy of Spider-Man 2. You can start pre-ordering the bundle next Friday, the 28th of July.

Spider-Man 2: More Information And A Trailer:

At SDCC, Insomniac Games as well as PlayStation showed a new video for Spider-Man 2. It gives us a better look at Venom and tells us a little more about the story of the future game.

We get a better look at Venom and other characters like Kraven the Hunter, Harry Osborn, as well as Mister Negative in the video.

At SDCC, there was a talk about Spider-Man 2, which also gave new information about the game. This also confirms that Spider-Man 2 takes place about 9–10 months after Spider-Man: Miles Morales.