All the news of Pokémon Scarlet / Purple in this trailer and gameplay loaded with details


The new installment of the saga debuts new mechanics and opens its reservations for its launch in November.

After several weeks “surviving” based on rumors and leaks, fans of pocket monsters can finally enjoy a new batch of official information about Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: as promised, it has been shared a gameplay trailer of the games that open the ninth generation through Youtube. The video in question, attached to the news, covers new gameplay material as well as creatures and characters that had been kept secret until now.

Thanks to this, we have learned that the region in which the new campaign takes place is called Paldea, which as we already knew is set in the entire Iberian Peninsula. In it, we play a young coach who is also a student at the Naranja o Grape academy, depending on the edition we have chosen; where he will meet magistrates and classmates as well as adventurers.

  • The director Clavel directs the academy, and acts as a tutor.
  • We will also meet the biology teacher Cinio, who is the one who operates the SmartRotom.
  • Among our friends we have Noa, a shy girl who always goes with her Eevee backpack; as well as Damián, who is a wonderful cook and a class older than us.

This is the final map of the Paldea region.This is the final map of the Paldea region.

Of course, there is a new dose of Pokémon to catch: to those already known we now have to add Paldea’s Wooper, Fidough and the imposing Cetitan under the orders of the gym leader Grusha, specialized in ice-type creatures.

  • The Paldea Wooper, Poison Fish Pokémon, is a Poison and Ground-type regional form that protects itself with a poisonous film covering its skin. He also has reinforced gills that make him walk more slowly in exchange for being able to shoot poison from a distance. His abilities are Poison Point or Absorb Water.
  • Fidough is a new kind of fairy type. The Puppy Pokémon has soft, moist, and elastic skin. As its breath carries yeast, it is highly appreciated among cooks. It has the Self Rhythm ability.
  • Lastly we have Cetitan, the Geowhale Pokémon. A new Ice-type species that weighs a whopping 700kg, so its muscles are tremendously strong and its skin so thick that it can travel between icy regions with no problem. It also concentrates the cold in its upper horn. It can have the Sebo or Snowplow skills.

The role of Koraidon and Miraidon

Scarlet/Purple Pokémon Image

The legendary Pokémon that occupy the cover of the games, Koraidon (Scarlet) and Miraidon (Purple) will act as mount, as we already knew. Only that in addition to taking the form of a motorcycle, they will be able to modify their bodies to allow us to fly or travel through water. A dynamic “inherited” from Pokémon Legends: Arceus, only this time it will not be necessary to help us from multiple creatures because only one will do all that work.

In addition, being an open world, it will be possible to face the challenge of the eight gyms in the order that we want: if you want to start with the most difficult, you can do it. Whether there is a level scaling system or not is something else.

The new mechanics: teracrystallization

Scarlet/Purple Pokémon Image

Much has been said and speculated about this over the last few months, but we finally know how it works Paldea’s star mechanic. The teracrystal is an object that can crystallize any Pokémon in the region, putting a kind of crown on its head that reveals what we would call a “teratype”. This means that for the duration of this state, the creature changes type to enhance movements related. Those who play competitively will know that this phenomenon is known as STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and it is decisive to maximize the creature’s capabilities in online games. Of course, that also affects his weaknesses.

The teratypes of each Pokémon depend on its species, but every creature has at least one. For example, while most Eevee have normal teratypes, some have water or grass teratypes. Presumably that rarity leads to new combinations and key combat strategies for multiplayer.

raids are back

Scarlet/Purple Pokémon Image

Back in 2019, Pokémon Sword and Shield introduced the raids that are still played today to get rare creatures or creatures with a greater possibility of being variocolor. Now, Scarlet and Purple plan to bring them back (in the form of terraincursiones) with some changes. The first and perhaps most important is that the turns take place separately, which means that the incoming damage of the boss we are facing happens in real time: there is no need to wait for each player to choose their next move. On the other hand, we can also get Pokémon that have rare teratypes to find anywhere else.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch from November 18, separately and in the form of a Dual edition.

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