All the secrets of the new Black Adam trailer revealed by the cast of the film


Ahead of the new Black Adam trailer, which features former DC Comics anti-hero Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson taking on the Justice Society of America, IGN and a small group of press were invited to view the trailer. already participate in a question and answer session with some cast members at Warner Bros. studios, the cast included Aldis Hodge (Hawkman), Quintessa Swindell (Cyclone), Sarah Shahi (Adrianna), and Mo Amer (Kamir). We heard their reaction to the explosive second trailer and learned a few tidbits about their characters and the history of the Justice Society ahead of the film’s October 21 release.

First of all, here you can see the new trailer:

The origin of Black Adam

The trailer stands out how the origin of Black Adam dates back to ancient times, where he suffered a great tragedy, the loss of his family, and then, after 5000 years of sleep, he wakes up in the modern world. The trailer shows Black Adam unleashing his destructive powers on armed thugs and Justice Society of America heroes alike, but there is one who is able to calm the beast. Enter Sarah Shahi’s character, Adrianna, who the actress jokingly describes as “Black Adam’s tamer“.

My character in the film is a kind of leader of this resistance movement.Shahi explained.There is a big oppressive gang coming for the country. And I’m in charge of gathering the troops to defeat them. It’s almost like an Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft type character.“.

In the comics, Black Adam was originally a man named Teth-Adam, a slave from the fictional ancient country of Kahndaq. He was empowered by the wizard Shazam to rise up and free the town from him, but after going too far in enacting his brutal sense of justice, the wizard banished him. Upon awakening, the first thing Black Adam did was restore Kahndaq’s freedom. It seems that the film follows that same pathand if Adrianna has the same goal, then it makes sense that he would listen to her and that she would be able to calm him down.

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In the comics, Adrianna becomes the reincarnation of Black Adam’s wife of old, Isis. Shahi didn’t mention Isis when describing her character, but it’s possible that the movie introduces her superpowered alias.

Don’t disturb the bear

Alongside Adrianna fights her brother Kamir, a new character played by comedian Mo Amer. Speaking of her character, Amer described him as a sweet guy with pure intentions. who wants to stay out of the conflict, but his sister’s mission to save Kahndaq leads him to join the fray regardless.

I describe it as a bearAmer said.Bears are cute and sweet from a distance, but if you start messing with him, he’ll fuck you up too. It will protect its young and its family“.

Although Black Adam’s arrival on the scene is cause for fear, Amer says that Kamir and his sister They see something worthwhile underneath all that rage.

it terrifies me [Black Adam]it’s scary, but you also feel very connected to it in some weird way“, dice Amer. “We know that underneath all of that there is a purity that we are trying to get to, but do we want to be eliminated before that happens?“.

moving like the wind

Black Adam character poster featuring Cyclone. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Black Adam marks the big screen debut of the Justice Society of America, which in the film consists of Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Quintessa Swindell’s Cylcone. His world is shaken by the arrival of Black Adam.

I think when Black Adam is introduced, over the course of the movie, it kind of raises a question about whether we’re on the right side. Are good and evil shades of black or white? Or is there some sort of gray area that it can function in that isn’t necessarily indicative of how we view justice?said Swindell.

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The trailer shows Cyclone using her power to create a whirlwind that lifts a stack of wooden poles into the air and rains them down around Black Adam to create a makeshift prison. After spending months training to perfect his character’s unique fight choreography, Swindell’s reaction to seeing the finished product on the big screen for the first time can be summed up in two words he shared with us: “Shit!” and “Wow!”

justice like lightning

Black Adam character poster featuring Hawkman. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Although the characters of Amer and Shahi may be open to the new ideas that Black Adam offers, Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman is not so receptive. In the comics, these two characters have a clash of ideals followed by a literal fist bump, and it looks like the movie follows the same path, as in the trailer we see Hawkman try to hit Black Adam with his mace, only to Have Black Adam block the blow and expel it.

There is one understanding of justice, but there is a different perspective on how to achieve that justice. So that’s where Black Adam and Hawkman really collide.“, Hodge explained, comparing the two heavyweights with “oil and water“.

Although Black Adam gets the upper hand in the trailer, we imagine that won’t be the end of their battle. Hodge described how, since Hawkman is an ancient warrior (something he has in common with Black Adam), he has acquired various combat moves and tactics over the centuries, and they all come together to create a unique fighting style for the winged warrior. Hopefully he’s learned something to help him take on a muscular maniac fueled by magical lightning.

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Expanding the DCEU

Black Adam poster featuring the Justice Society assembled. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Although the members of the Justice League are already known to movie audiences and recognized as the premier superhero team in the DC Universe, the Justice Society of America actually predates the League.

The Justice Society was the first superhero team to exist.“, presume Hodge.

In the comics, the Justice Society of America is the original team of DC superheroes, with the Justice League coming after. Seems to be the same case in the DCEU. The comics version of the JSA included the first generation of superheroes, including Jay Garrick, the Flash, and Alan Scott, the Green Lantern, whose mission was to recruit and train the next generation of heroes. We see this unfold in the film, with Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate and Hodge’s Hawkman as veteran heroes training new members, Atom Smasher and Cyclone.

But, Will we see how this team fits into the bigger picture of the DCEU? A quick appearance in the trailer by Suicide Squad director Amanda Waller (once again played by Viola Davis) shows that this film is indeed connected to what has come before, and from the way Swindell tells it, there is potential for more, saying: “When you see the film, you can imagine all of these coexisting. The world of DC expands a little bit more, and I think that’s the most amazing part of the movie.