All Warehouse collectibles in Kena: Bridge of Spirits


If we already know one thing, it’s that the Kena: Bridge of Spirits journey is stuffed with collectibles and that it is vitally most likely that you need to seek out they all. You must be affected person and take note of the whole thing round you as a result of it is vitally sure that the place you least consider, your subsequent Rot or a hat that can function a classy will probably be there. All through your excursion you go via other spaces and now we’re situated within the Warehouse.

All Rusu Mountain collectibles in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Collectibles from Kena: Bridge of Spirits are a number of: Rot, Hats, Flower Shrines, Spirit Mail, Cursed Chests and Meditation Puts. Subsequently, with this information we deliver you the site of each and every of them inside the Inventory, which can mean you can entire all of the assortment.

All Rusu Mountain Rot in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Within the Warehouse there are a complete of 3 Rot to gather. This can be a small house and they’re simply obtainable, however you’ll have to observe a trail to seek out they all.



Whilst you be informed the bomb talent, cross left and use them at the stones to shape a platform. Doing so will spawn a Rot.


On tips on how to repair the crystal at the left, you’re going to combat with a gaggle of enemies. When the corruption is long past, flip round and you’re going to see a blue flower. Use the bow to move your self and open the chest with the Rot.


Whilst you get to the glass at the left, cross up the steps that you’ve got proper subsequent to it. There are a number of stones to transform platforms, drop a bomb and cross throughout the tunnel. You’ll see one thing very vibrant and it’s going to be your ultimate Rot within the house.

All Warehouse Hats in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Within the Warehouse there are best 1 hat. Is he Beetle and to get to it it’s a must to get admission to via a slide the place you face other enemies and then you definately should do away with the corruption. Use more than a few bombs to show the stones into platforms and cross as much as the left to discover a hidden house and spot the chest with the hat.

Hat 1

All non secular mails Warehouse in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There’s a general of 1 non secular mail to help you free up a space with corruption. Whilst you’ve discovered the bomb ability, use them at the stones to the left as you head again across the room. Climb to the highest, combat with enemies and do away with corruption. Within the room that was once locked you’re going to now see the spirit mail.

Spiritual Mail 1


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