Altered Carbon Season 3 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?


The cyberpunk show, which was based on a book by Richard K. Morgan with the same name, made its debut on Netflix on February 2, 2018. After Altered Carbon season 2, Netflix decided to end the show. The show is about a dead prisoner and war veteran named Takeshi Kovacs. After 250 years, he comes back to life in a new body and is offered freedom if he helps a titan of industry solve his own (future) murder. The show looks at technology, the relationship between humans and machines, gender identity, cyberspace, paranoia, authority, and corruption.

Altered Carbon Season 3

Altered Carbon was based on a series of books written by Richard Morgan. Even though the series uses parts of Morgan’s books, the main storyline is completely new and follows the structure of a book. Digital copies of people’s minds have been stored in “stacks” of hardware. These “sleeves” can be moved from one body to another. Stacks can sometimes be frozen for hundreds of years or even millennia because of crimes or disobedience.

When we meet Kovacs again, his stack has been “spun up” into a new sleeve, and he has been asked to look into a successful businessman’s supposed suicide. In season 2, he puts on a new mask and goes looking for an ex-lover who seems determined to upset the world’s delicate political balance. In every case, a problem that seems simple at first quickly gets more complicated.

Is Season 3 of “Altered Carbon” going to happen or not?

The third season of Altered Carbon will no longer happen. Deadline said in August 2020 that the show was canceled by Netflix after two seasons. According to the article, the show was canceled not because of the pandemic, but because it did not pass the standard “viewership vs. cost renewal review process” of the streamers.

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Although there is currently no news about a third season of Altered Carbon coming back, there is a small chance that it will in the future. The writer and showrunner of the Netflix science fiction show, Alison Schapker, is very interested in making another season for the fans.

She said this in an interview with Inverse: “I won’t just give up. I still hope that someone will knock on my door one day so that we can continue that story. Quellcrist Falconer was on his way to stir up trouble. We used to have a great script for season 3, and I’m sorry that we couldn’t show it to people. This does happen sometimes.”

Altered Carbon season 2 ending explained

The last episode of season two ended with a battle between the vengeful elder (who was on Colonel Carrera’s stack), Danica Harlan, Quellcrist Falconer, our main character Takeshi Kovacs, and, well, Kovacs again, but the old version of him because Carrera had illegally copied his old DHF and put it in a clone of his original birth sleeve.

Lela Loren’s character, Danica Harlan, was the first to fall. After finding out what happened to her father Konrad, whose stack she destroyed and kept oddly close to her during her rule on Harlan’s World, the elder in the body of Colonel Carrera (Torben Liebrecht) does its party trick: it manipulates the alloys in her stack to destroy it completely. We can be sure that she won’t be getting back up.

Altered Carbon Season 3 Cast

The show has been canceled, so the actors will not be back. The show is put together by:

  • Renée Elise Goldsberry as revolutionary leader Quellchrist Falconer
  • Chris Conner as the AI Poe
  • James Purefoy as Laurens Bancroft
  • Martha Higareda as Kristin Ortega
  • Chris Conner as Edgar Poe Dichen Lachman
  • Elizabeth Maxwell as Reileen Kawahara / Gina
  • Ato Essandoh as Vernon Elliot
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Altered Carbon Season 3 Plot

At the end of season two, there are two big questions that aren’t answered: what occurs to the Kovacs we know, and what’s going on with Poe? Will season three continue the story with the version of Kovacs that Carrera made in the first season? There must be a way to get to the DHF of the most real and up-to-date Kovacs so that we can meet up with the main character we’ve been rooting for so far. Did someone support him?

And since we’re talking about back-ups, what’s up with Poe’s raw human DHF? Has he wanted to be a real boy like Pinocchio for so long that he has finally gotten his wish? Or could he be holding on to Kovacs’s DHF? Kovacs might have lived because of that last note Poe wrote during the battle before he was rebooted. Or, in a very strange turn of events, could Kovacs live on in some kind of Poe sleeve?

Where can I watch Altered Carbon Season 3?

You can stream the first two seasons of Altered Carbon on Netflix.

Altered Carbon Season 3 Release Date

Altered Carbon will not have a third season. A 2020 August Deadline article says that after two seasons, Netflix stopped making the show. The report says that the show was cancelled not because of the pandemic, but because it didn’t pass the streamers’ usual “viewership vs. cost renewal assessment procedure.”

Even though there isn’t much news about Altered Carbon right now, there is a small chance that season 3 will be brought back.