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Amazing pass and beating of the last NBA finalist: this is how Campazzo played in the Denver Nuggets triumph over the Miami Heat

The best plays of Facundo Campazzo in Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat

Facundo Campazzo participated in the Denver Nuggets’ beating against Miami Heat, last finalist of the NBA. The Argentine did not score points, but he did collaborate in the defensive part for his team to achieve the fifth consecutive victory.

Denver Nuggets dominated the fight from start to finish and won a categorical victory for 109 a 82, before a Miami Heat that suffered too much important absences such as those of its highest figure, Jimmy Butler, and those of Goran Dragic and Tyler Hero.

In the midst of the adaptation period, Facundo Campazzo signed the form with one assist, two recovers and one cover, in the ten minutes who was on the court and who are the ones who average their stay in the NBA. This time, in four tries of field shots he couldn’t score, but he did surprise to the official broadcast with one of his characteristic passes.

Campazzo in total played 17 matches of the 18 (He was only absent in the ninth against the Dallas Mavericks) and adds 62 points, 24 assists, 13 steals, 12 turnovers, 11 rebounds and 31 infractions in his first NBA season.

The Nuggets They came to Florida after beating the Oklahoma City Thunder (119-101), twice the Phoenix Suns (130-126 and 120-112) and the Dallas Mavericks (117-113). This fifth consecutive victory reaffirms a great present for Denver, which has it with a mark of 11 games won and seven lost. In this way, they climbed a position to get fourth in the Western Conference.

Denver Nuggets defeated Miami Heat for their fifth straight win (Mandatory Credit: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports)
Denver Nuggets defeated Miami Heat for their fifth straight win (Mandatory Credit: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports)

For its part, Miami Heat is going through an opposite moment, with four losses in a row and just 6 wins over 11 losses. At the moment, the final NBA finalist is outside the playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.

The top scorer for the Nuggets was Nikola Jokic with 21 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists. The next Denver team meeting will be against the San Antonio Spurs, this Friday, January 29, from 11:59 p.m. and with NBA League Pass television.

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