Amazing: The girl was upset with the pain, doctors were shocked to open the operation

Amazing: The 18-year-old girl, hailing from Garkha in Saran district of Bihar, was suffering from severe stomach pain for a month. When he did not get any relief even after giving medicine, his father brought him to IGIMS Hospital in Patna. He was screened at the OPD of Gastro Surgery Department and examined. Investigation revealed that the young woman had a bunch of hair in her stomach and intestines. Her abdominal operation was done to remove the flakes. It was found that the girl has a habit of eating hair and sack yarn for a long time. Also Read – Bihar Election Result 2020: Manjhi meeting Nitish said, I have no wish now …

On Friday, when the team of doctors under the leadership of Dr. Manish Mandal performed the operation, when the bunch of hairs were removed, the doctors were also shocked. Dr. Mandal said that one million patients get this disease. This disease is known as Ripunjal syndrome. In medical parlance it is known as Trichobijor (bunch of hairs in the stomach). Also Read – BJP in full form with NDA victory in Bihar Chunav, see photo-video, learn updates

According to Dr. Ashish Kumar Jha, even before that this disease was found in a girl. This is a rare disease. Knowingly or unconsciously, people keep eating their hair. Gradually, hair starts to accumulate in the stomach and starts forming a bunch. Also Read – Happy Birthday: Jiya Ho Lalu Ke Lala … Flops in cricket, superhit in politics

They told that it occurs in girls with mental disease (trichophagia). Usually this disease is seen in adolescent girls. In the case of suffering from this disease, constipation in girls, loss of weight, loss of appetite, many times there is a possibility of proving a fatal condition in the intestine due to blockage.

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